Cumbre DataHack 2017 | Welcome to the future!

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Cumbre DataHack 2017

A DataPeaker data science conference bringing together the best data scientists from across the country and the world. Join us from 9 al 11 November and watch the action live in Advanced Analytics, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

This is a unique possibility to hear from amazing speakers, determine contacts with them and attend rigorous workshops. DataHack Summit 2017 will talk about new developments in the field of analytics and machine learning. It is a meeting of 3 days of chief data scientists, advanced professionals, researchers, analysts, technology evangelists, data science experts, hackers and practitioners.

DataHack Summit 2017 in figures

3 days | 5 workshops | More of 30 talks | More of 10 hacking sessions | 2 master sessions | 2 discussion panels

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