Features and benefits of SAP Data Services

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SAP data services offers users the ability to discover, clean up, to get better, integrate and manage data, both from SAP and non-SAP sources, including relational databases, commercial applications, big data files and fonts, such as Hadoop and NoSQL databases. Provides data integration and data quality capabilities that can be used with SAP Information Steward for enterprise governance and management.


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With SAP Data Services you can improve data quality, that helps in decision making. You can use the software to correct data problems as they arise, avoid quality problems before they occurand automatically fix redundancies, data inconsistencies and errors in any application.

Key Features and Benefits of SAP Data Services

SAP data services will make a difference in the way organizations manage the quality of your data. Go beyond full visibility, win in shape, maximize the accuracy of rules and actions, empower the user and foster collaboration are just some of the Profits of a tool that allows the company to achieve:

1. Intuitive integration: access to data is not enough to gain knowledge. What's more, information must be integrated if a more complete and consistent overview is to be achieved.. Improving real-time decision making between company information sources and optimizing planning thanks to data discovery and advanced exploration capabilities are a reality that SAP Data Services makes possible.. allowing you:

  • Access and move data of any size from any source and integrate it to discover the meaning behind it
  • Immerse yourself in data at high speed and intuitively.
  • Quickly upload data to your chosen destination.
  • Extract the most relevant information and, in real time, performs context analysis.

2. Reliable decisions: successful action requires a confident decision that drives it. To reach it, you must first make an effort to ensure consistency between data sources and maximize the value of information. Fortunately, providing reliable data today is easier than ever with SAP data services, that works on the quality of the data of all its attributes:

  • Facilitating the correction of errors in the data in real time.
  • Carrying out proactive prevention that avoids quality problems.
  • Improve compliance with data quality standards.

3. Optimized discovery: Data tracking reaches a new dimension when its origins are at your fingertips and the participation of natively integrated tools, as Info Steward SAP, facilitate more efficient data management. In this regard, SAP data services has a lot to contribute:

  • Enabling the discovery and monitoring of data quality from a business point of view.
  • Identify quality trends.
  • Facilitate the establishment of more adequate and up-to-date government regulations.
  • Making possible the data quality analysis corporate and its costs.
  • Monitor the level of key data quality attributes such as integrity, precision or completeness, among others.

Ready to take the management and quality of your business data to another level?

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