Advantages of a quality plan and extensive software

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Quality and software must go hand in hand at all levels. Data quality applications reserved for IT specialists have their days numbered while, New icons will appear on the desktop of business users, giving them power they didn't have before, that of being part of the process of optimizing the most valuable asset of your company, the data.


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Speaking of quality and software you must take care that end-user involvement is decisive, that it can no longer be argued that impositions are accepted, nor can it be based on the assumption of guaranteed data quality. Each member of the organization must feel part of the procedure and responsible for achieving the necessary data quality standards... But, how can it be achieved?

Quality and software: a question of capacity

Even though in many institutions the most complex and costly thing is to convince decision makers of the need to Make quality and software available to everyone, and not only of the technical elite.; once that obstacle is overcome, new fronts open.

The data should not contain information. inconsistent, inaccurate and irrelevant and business users are the best experts in their field. It is true that its technical capabilities are limited, but that's why the company should look to easy-to-use data management tools that can help quickly create reliable data to feed reporting or analysis processes.

The way to propose, in practice, A user empowerment strategy on quality issues goes through:

  1. Choose useful tools, effective and easy to use for non-technical staff.
  2. Find a solution that guarantees good results and includes customization options.
  3. Train as many business users as feasible through proper training in the use of tools quality and software Incorporated.

At the same time, it is recommended Determine a centralized repository of data quality metrics., which facilitates monitoring and makes it possible to progressively gain in adjustment. This repository must be able to be fed with data from various systems that arrive in different formats.

The results of incorporating these new tools and developing capabilities according to business users, has resulted important benefits for the company, among which the following should be highlighted:

  1. Save time.
  2. Automation.
  3. major update.
  4. Reduced risk of reporting based on incorrect data.
  5. Improved collaboration between companies and IT.

A huge software and quality plan is the most effective strategy to prevent errors, minimize risk and, what is more important, ensure data quality standards are maintained. in the time, promoting business development, preserving its image and supporting the achievement of business objectives.

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