6 Power Automate Features You May Not Know About

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We highlight our favorite features that have been added to Power Automate in recent months.

Comment Actions

It's something most of us overlook, especially when we had complex flows. Thus, we can make our flows easier to maintain.

This is doable by clicking on the three dots of any action and clicking on the option “Add a comment”.

Once this is done, the comment will be displayed as follows in the action or condition.

Copy and paste actions

It enables us to develop in a faster and more comfortable way. At the same time to copy actions, we can copy conditions so that, when pasting, let's copy the actions that the copied condition contains.

To copy and paste actions, click on the three dots and on the option “Copy to my clipboard”. Done this we have already copied it.

To paste the copied action we access the tab “My clipboard” and click on the previously copied action. In this tab, all actions that have been copied appear temporarily. By clicking on one of them, the copied action will be added.

As an interesting point in this chapter, it can be seen that the copied actions are also temporarily available in other flows, from the same tenant.

Static results

This is one of the most prominent favorite features, since it makes it possible to establish static data in the actions to develop and debug the flow more quickly. For this, click on the three action points and “Static result”.

In the next panel, the option "Enable static result" is activated.

Subsequently, the following panel appears that allows you to add a status and code to the result of the action. To end, Click the button “Clever”.

Once this is done, you can see a test tube appear in the flow action warning us that the action is using static data.

Create an approval flow with attachments

Now, while sending approvals, we can attach documents for approval.

To do this, we add an action with the following name “Start and wait for an approval”. In the countryside “Approval type” we select the option “Pass / To refuse – First to reply”, we provide a file name and attach the content of a file.