Create an A4 document in Photoshop

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Create an A4 document in Photoshop

A4 is an international paper size with an aspect ratio of 210 × 297 mm. This format is the most common and is widely used to print various documents.

In Photoshop, at the stage of creating a new document, You can choose various types and formats, including A4. The preset automatically prescribes the desired dimensions and a resolution of 300 PPP, Essential for high-quality printing.

When creating a new document in settings, must choose “International paper format”.and in the drop-down list “Size”. circumstances А4.

Remember to leave a free margin on the left side of the document to archive it. The width of the margin is 20 mm.

This can be done by drawing a guide.

After you create a document, and find the element there. “Vista – and find the element there”..

Orientation “Vertical”.in the countryside. “Position”. We specify a value 20 mm and press Okey.

If the field “Position”. has units other than millimeters, You need to right-click on the ruler and choose millimeters. Rules are called with the key combination CTRL + R.

This is all the information about how to create an A4 document in Photoshop.

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