Error “Error 1962: The operating system was not found” of Lenovo – How to solve it


Error “Error 1962: The operating system was not found” of Lenovo – How to solve it

One of the typical problems when booting a PC, Lenovo branded laptop or monoblock is a bug of 1962 with the message "No operating system found". The startup sequence will automatically repeat. ". In reality, the error is also common for other brands of computers, but only Lenovo uses exactly this code and wording and, therefore, the user cannot always find a solution to the problem (other computers report more frequently: boot failure and no system operation found, reboot and select proper boot device).

This manual details the causes of the error 1962 in monoblocks, Lenovo computers and laptops and simple shapes (assuming the hardware is working properly) to fix it and make Windows 10, 8.1 o Windows 7 start regularly on the device.

What is the mistake 1962 operating system not found and what are its causes?

When you turn on your Lenovo computer or laptop, check the boot parameters registered in the BIOS / UEFI and try to start an operating system, like Windows 10. If you cannot find the correct operating system with the configured startup parameters (start mode, device order), error message appears 1962 “The operating system was not found” O, in Russian, “The operating system was not found”.

Note: the following possible causes of the Error 1962 they do not take into account the variant with a blank formatted disk without an operating system, for this this message would be natural and all that is needed is to install the correct OS.

Possible reasons for this error:

  • Incorrect boot parameters in BIOS due to your own configuration, or sometimes just resetting them, such as due to dead battery on motherboard or static discharge.
  • Change unit settings (connect new hard drives, SSD, sometimes USB flash drives) without making changes to the boot settings in the BIOS.
  • Bootloader damage, to the file system of the hard drive or SSD. May occur due to your own manipulation (as an example, when trying to partition the drive without paying attention to important nuances) O, sometimes, due to external circumstances (sudden power outage, etc.).
  • Hardware problems: hard drive or faulty SSD, bad contact between disk and motherboard, damaged SATA cables.

Consequently, before taking steps to fix the problem, I recommend that you remember what was done to your computer or laptop before the error appeared: sometimes, all it takes to get started is unplugging the flash drive or disk. external hard drive that was recently connected, fix the SATA cable if you have cleaned the device from dust or something similar, that simple.

Fix the error 1962 on a laptop, all in one or Lenovo PC

The first step in correcting “Error 1962” is to check the boot parameters in the BIOS / UEFI de su Lenovo.

Check boot parameters

Depending on the make and age of your Lenovo computer, menu items may vary slightly, but the logic is the same everywhere: CSM and Legacy support Legacy boot mode for MBR drives, Enabled significa “On”, Disabled significa “Off”, the items with “UEFA” in boot parameter names refer to UEFI boot mode for Windows 10 Y 8.1 (this is how the system is installed at the factory, but if you installed the operating system manually, could also do in Legacy). If there can be something that is not clear, I asked for, I will try to answer.

  1. To enter the BIOS of a Lenovo or monoblock laptop, in general you should press F2 O Fn + F2 when you turn it on. In PC's, according to the model, the same key or the Delete (Of the).
  2. Depending on the model of your particular device, BIOS interface may vary slightly, but regularly the tab with the parameters we need in Lenovo is called “Start” (less frequently, start), and you can navigate to it using the left-right arrows.
  3. If your device originally had Windows 10 u 8.1 factory installed and did not reinstall it manually, set the settings: CSM – disabled (O, on some models: Boot mode – UEFA), change Quick Boot to Off just in case (sometimes it helps), and then go to Main Boot Sequence and make sure Windows Boot Manager or your system hard drive is first in boot order (you can move items with the keys + Y -). If there is any hard drive in the listing “Excluded from starting order”, remove it from the list (select it, press the key “/”) moving it to the top list.
  4. On Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, the same may look slightly different (again, description for Windows 10 u 8.1 ready to use): on UEFI boot / Legacy, select UEFI Only, in “Boot” set correct boot order. The screenshot is just an example of the ThinkPad boot parameters, not the correct configuration.
  5. If you installed the system manually, or had windows 7 pre-installed, Conversely, activate the CSM (set it to Enabled), on some laptops, set Boot Mode to Legacy Support or Legacy Only, the en Thinkpad, put UEFI boot / Legacy in “Both of them” and CSM Support Yes, and later check the boot order in the same way. First in the queue must be the system hard disk (if you have multiple hard drives, additionally place them in the main boot sequence, in theory, the operating system boot loader may also reside in them).
  6. For non-Windows systems 10, 8 Y 8.1, as well as for some builds and when an error occurs when booting from a flash drive, uncheck Secure boot in the tab “Security”.
  7. Just in case, look at the tab “Advanced” in BIOS and check the SATA Mode setting. Regularly, must be set to AHCI (except on some systems with SSD paired in RAID or with cached SSD).
  8. Press F10, save boot parameters and exit BIOS, the computer will restart.

If you don't know which settings to determine in the boot alternatives, you can try Legacy and UEFI alternatives, remembering to check devices in boot order (regularly at Lenovo, the element “Main boot sequence”.

In addition, there is another method if you do not know which configuration to select and the hardware configuration of the laptop or all-in-one has not changed since its purchase.:

  1. Go to the tab “Get out” BIOS.
  2. Mire “Load default settings” Y, if appropriate, operating system defaults. If the second element is present, try loading the configuration first “Other operating system” and subsequently, if the problem persists, for Windows 10 u 8 (depending on the item displayed, they are essentially the same).

Damaged Windows boot loader.

This same error can also be generated by a corrupt bootloader. There are separate instructions on this topic on the web portal:

If these items didn't help either, it is very likely that it is a hardware obstacle.

Hardware issues that may be causing the error 1962 and Lenovo

Hardware problems in the context of the error in question include:

  • Bad HDD or SSD connection. Verify the connection, in the case of PCs and some monoblocks (where the wired connection is used), both from the motherboard and from the unit itself (O, best, completely disconnect and reconnect). Changing the SATA cable generally helps.
  • Malfunction of the unit itself, as an example, after an accident. If it is feasible, check if the unit works on another computer. If it's faulty, you will probably have to replace it.

Hopefully, one of the methods will help you fix the problem. But, describe the situation in detail, all the actions you took and what preceded the error in the comments, ill try to help you.

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