How to recover dyed white clothes

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How to recover dyed white clothes. The white color is basic in our wardrobe like black, but frequently the white color can cause us many problems since this color is very delicate and easily gets dirty or stained with clothes of another color., Well, I'll show you how you can avoid this and if it happens to you, I will tell you what to do so that you will have a clear white in your clothes again.

Remember that dyeing means changing the original color of something, in this circumstance the clothes, So what the clothes can be dyed for different reasons but if it is white as an example:

  • Having white clothes stored for a long time, this makes white clothes a more yellowish color, It is considered dyed white clothing since it changes its original color either by contact with dust, or other old clothes and oxidize the original white color. of the garment.
  • When washing white clothes and mixing them with other colorfast clothes.
  • Being exposed to a substance for a considerable time and causes a color change.
  • Does not rinse well, when the clothes are not rinsed well, There are traces of soap or detergent that over time make your white cloth change color.

How to recover the original white of my clothes?

When you start to wash your clothes, The first thing you have to do is separate the white clothes from the colored clothes to avoid the risk of the white clothes getting stained and ruined.

If you have white clothes dyed in another color, you can add chlorine to the detergent you use to wash the white garment, this will help remove the dye from the clothes, if the dyeing still persists you can make a mixture of detergent with a few drops of chlorine forming a paste. Drain the garment well and apply the mixture directly on the dyed area and let it rest for about fifteen minutes and wash it regularly.

It is also advisable to add a pinch of salt to the detergent accompanied by lemon juice to restore the white color of your garment since the salt and lemon juice mixed with the detergent acts as bleach on the soft garment and has more effect if it dries.. under the sun.

Remember that white garments are delicate because of their color, so you have to be careful, it is recommended to read the label, because even when it's white, sometimes it carries a warning not to wash it with bleach due to the type of fabric, that is why it is better to check and avoid getting your clothes dirty.

It also serves to soak white clothes by mixing water, hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia, just five minutes is enough since this mixture is powerful and is not recommended for use with delicate fabrics.

Soak the garment in hot water with detergent, let it rest for about twenty minutes and wash it regularly, combining the detergent and hot water increases the effect on the clothes.

For garments with delicate fabric it is better to soak them in cold milk for about fifteen minutes, This method is gentler so that your clothes do not get damaged by wanting to fix them.

Another method is to put the clothes on rest with water and vinegar for at least half an hour this serves to remove stains and helps to soften the fabric and thus avoid using a fabric softener.

Don't use a lot of bleach on your clothes, in doing so, you are causing the fibers of the fabric to lose their strength over time and deteriorate, it is recommended that you use bleaching products with little bleach.

You can not only categorize your clothes by color before washing but also by fabric, If you have several garments that you must wash and they are made of more delicate fabrics, you must separate them to wash them since this way you prevent their fabric from being ruined.

Remember to use the proper detergents to wash since you cannot use the same detergent that you always use on a garment with delicate fabric, this will spoil it.

Recommendations so that your clothes always maintain an impeccable white:

White is a color that is more likely to stain or stain and ruin its original color, so we must pay attention to where we sit or what surfaces we approach to avoid accidents that can damage your clothes.

When washing, try to use the least amount of bleach, use softer bleaching detergents since if this is strong you run the risk of your garment turning a yellowish tone.

Water also has a lot to do with washing since it is grayish or cloudy at the time of washing, it may not give you the result you want.

Do not put white clothes to dry in the shade, it is better to put it in the sun.

If you wash white bedding and have other white clothes to wash, It is recommended that you wash the bedding separately, and do not mix it with the clothes you use since bedding is usually heavier and thicker and can generate specks on blouses or t-shirts. shirts if you wash them together.

You just have to be careful with your white garments and wash them well so that their white lasts longer and you can enjoy your favorite garment, The white color is very useful when combining outfits and gives a decidedly elegant touch to everything and when it is well cared for and looks shiny and thus you will stand out from the crowd., Put approve all these tips and you will see that you will not regret, tu decides, they are simple, pans, and the ingredients are found in your own home , it will not be necessary to waste time With other methods you have everything in your hands, just decide from when you will start and give your clothes the necessary treatment so that it lasts longer.

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