What is the CTF Loader or ctfmon.exe process in Windows 10 and what to do if the CPU is loaded?

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If you are interested in the CTF loading procedure in Windows Task Manager 10 or worse, finds that the ctfmon.exe procedure is actively loading the processor, this statement will break down what this procedure is and how to disable it if necessary.

I should point out that the ctf loader is a background procedure of the system and should not have any significant impact on performance throughout normal operation., and if you don't see any strange behavior in ctfmon.exe, no action is required to disable it. that. .

What is ctfmon.exe?

the ctf loader is part of the components of the collaborative transport framework for handwriting tasks, touch and voice accreditation, and is used not only in Windows 10, but also in Microsoft Word, as an example. But it is not only for this reason that: as an example, ctfmon.exe also plays a role in displaying the current language in the notification area or by entering text from the keyboard (hardware) in taskbar search and Windows Store apps 10 .

the procedure may come and go in task manager; this is normal behavior. Despite this, the high CPU load on your part is not.

In general, ctfmon.exe should not be disabled, it is better to try the following approaches:

How to Disable CTF Bootloader in Windows 10

Warning: After disabling ctfmon.exe, the language icon in the Windows notification area 10 will disappear (but the language change will still work), also some fields (taskbar search, search for Windows alternatives 10, Windows Store apps) can stop keyboard input from working .

To disable the CTF loader and its respective ctfmon procedure.exe in Windows 10, simply disable the service that runs it and a task in Task Scheduler. The steps will be as follows:

  1. Press the keys. To win + R. On your keyboard, in the window “Run”, scribe services.msc and hit Enter.
  2. In the list of services, I searched “Touch keyboard and notepad service”. and double-click the service name.
  3. Change the startup type of the “Manual” a “disabled” and apply the settings. Close the list of services.
  4. Press the keys. To win + R. on your keyboard, writes taskschd.msc. and press Enter, task scheduler opens.
  5. Using the left panel, go to the job scheduler library – Microsoft – Windows – TextServicesFramework.
  6. Right-click on the task “MsCtfMonitor” and select Deactivate.
  7. Restart your computer.

Done, after these simple steps, ctfmon.exe should not start and you will not see the procedure in task manager.

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