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Proper keyword selection plays an important role in promoting your video to other users.. Thanks to the presence of labels, the entry moves up the search list and enters the search “Recommended”. to viewers who watch videos with a similar approach. Thematic keywords have different popularity, In other words, the number of requests per month. Special generators, of which we will talk in our post, will help determine the most relevant.

The best tag generators for YouTube

There are several special sites that work on the same principle: search through the entered query information and show you the most relevant keywords in terms of popularity or relevance. Despite this, the algorithms and functionality of these services are slightly different, so it is important to emphasize pay attention to all representatives.

Keyword tools

We suggest you check the Russian keyword matching service KeyWord Tool. It is the most popular of the runet and offers users a large number of different functions. Let's see more details about YouTube tag generation on this site:

Ir al portal web de KeyWord Tool

  1. Go to the KeyWord Tool home page and select the tab from the search bar “YouTube.“.
  2. In the pop-up menu, select your country and your preferred language. This choice depends not only on your location, but in addition to the network of connected partners, yes there are.
  3. Enter a keyword on the line and search.
  4. You will now see a list of the most relevant tags in front of you. Some of the information will be blocked, it is only enabled if you subscribe to the Pro version.
  5. To the right of “Search Queries” there is a tab “Questions”.. Press it to see the frequently asked questions associated with the word you entered.

In addition, it is worth highlighting the opportunity to copy or export the selected words. In addition there are several filters and classification of results. In terms of relevance, KeyWord Tool always displays the most recent and popular queries from users, and the word bases are updated many times.


Kparser is a multi-platform, multi-lingual keyword creation service. It is also suitable for searching for tags for your videos.. The label generation procedure is very simple, all the user has to do is

Go to the Kparser web portal

  1. Of the list, select a platform “YouTube”..
  2. Specify the country of the target audience.
  3. Select the language of your keyword, add a query and search.
  4. Now a list with the most relevant and popular tags of the moment will open to the user.

Phrase statistics will only be opened when the user has purchased the Pro version of the service, but the free version shows the query score of the site itself, which will also help to draw some conclusions about its popularity.


BetterWayToWeb is a totally free service, but unlike the previous representatives, does not display detailed information about the phrase and does not allow the user to specify the country and language. The generation on this site is the next:

Go to the BetterWayToWeb web portal

  1. Write the word or phrase you want and search.
  2. The query history will now show below the string, and a small table with the most popular tags will appear at the bottom.

Unfortunately, the words selected by the BetterWayToWeb service do not always match the query topic, but most of them are relevant and popular right now. Decidedly, you should not copy everything often, and it is better to do it selectively and pay attention to the words that are used in other videos on similar topics.

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Free keyword tool

The distinctive feature of Free Keyword Tool is the categorization, enabling you to choose the most appropriate labels for you, based on the words entered in the search. Let's take a closer look at the generation procedure:

Go to the web portal without cost of the keyword tool

  1. In the search bar, open the pop-up menu with the categories and select the most suitable one.
  2. Specify your country or the country of your channel's affiliate network.
  3. Enter the desired query in the box and search.
  4. A list of matching tags will be displayed in front of you, since in most services some of the information about them will only be available after subscribing to the full version. The free trial shows the number of Google searches for each word or phrase here.

Today we discuss various YouTube video key generators. Most services have a free trial version and all features are unlocked only after purchasing the full version. Despite this, it is not necessary to do it, since it is usually sufficient to know the popularity of a particular request.

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