Ways to fix the error “Could not load xpcom” en Mozilla Firefox

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Alternatives to fix the error “Could not load xpcom” en Mozilla Firefox

Many users still do not see alternatives to the Mozilla Firefox browser, since it is one of the most stable browsers currently. Despite this, like any other Windows-based program, this web browser may have problems. In this post, the question will be dedicated to the error “Could not load xpcom” that Mozilla Firefox users can find.

The XPCOM file is a necessary library file for the browser to function properly. If the system cannot detect this file on the computer, cannot run or run the browser. Next we will see several alternatives to fix the error "Could not load XPCOM".

Alternatives to fix the error “Could not load xpcom

Method 1: reinstalar Firefox

First, since the file that is part of Mozilla Firefox has not been detected or has been corrupted on your computer, the most logical answer is to reinstall the browser.

First you must uninstall the browser, and it is recommended to do it completely, since when uninstalling the browser in the usual way through the menu “Control Panel – Uninstall programs”, a large number of files remain on your PC, which can negatively affect the operation of the new version of the installed browser. Therefore, In the following link you will find recommendations on how you can absolutely uninstall Firefox from your computer without leaving any files.

How To Absolutely Erase Mozilla Firefox From Your Computer

After Mozilla Firefox removal is complete, restart the browser to make sure the computer finally accepts the changes made to the system, and then reinstall the browser by first downloading a new Firefox distribution from the official web portal developer.

Download the Mozilla Firefox browser

It is almost certain that after performing a Firefox reinstall, the error problem will be solved.

Method 2: execute as an administrator

Try right-clicking on the Mozilla Firefox shortcut and, in the context menu that appears, select “Execute as an administrator”..

In some cases, this method solves the problem.

Method 3: system recovery

If neither the first nor the second method has fixed the problem and you keep getting the error “Could not load xpcom”, but firefox worked fine before, you should try to roll back the system to a time period where there are no problems. with web browser.

To do this, open the menu. “Control Panel”in the upper right corner, set the parameter “Small icons”.and then go to the section “Recovery”..

Select section. “Run system restore”.

When the system restore mode starts, you will need to choose a suitable rollback point dating back to a time when there were no browser performance issues.

Once the system restore has started, you will have to wait for the procedure to be completed. The duration of the procedure will depend on the number of changes made since the point was created. The restoration will affect all aspects of the system, except user files and possibly antivirus settings.

These are in general the main alternatives to solve the error “Could not load xpcom”. If you have your own observations on how to fix that problem, share them in the comments.

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