Master's Programs in Analytics in EE. UU. – International School of Engineering (INSOFE)

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INSOFE has entered into collaboration agreements with renowned US universities. UU. To offer unique world-class graduate programs in data science / Business analysis / big data analysis.

INSOFE is well aware of the trend, your program in Data Science / Big data analytics attracts students from a host of disciplines.

The program's most recent effort to expand and enrich its offering has resulted in an unprecedented collaboration with three American universities.: Bowling Green State University, Drexel University y Benedictine University, with more in development.

The program is in the field of data science / Big Data Analytics / Predictive Analytics / Business Analytics. The 39 selected students get admission and guaranteed scholarships from partner universities.

Benefits of these collaborative programs:

These collaborations provide students enrolled in INSOFE's data analysis program many benefits over other students..

  • An assured scholarship * from the universities (up to a 30% discount on regular tuition)
  • Professional services ** in EE. UU. After completing the master's program
  • Preparation for success in the Master's program and subsequent career through a certification program at INSOFE (Certificate of Proficiency in Advanced Introduction to Data Science) before starting the Master in EE. UU.
  • The total cost of the program, including INSOFE's pre-master's certification program and post-master's professional services, is less than the regular cost of universities for their respective master's programs
  • Education loans available

* Students must continue to meet the requirements of the university to maintain the scholarship in the following quarters / semesters.
** Students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher in master's programs will receive professional services from our industrial partner Neumeric Technologies Corporation, a Michigan-based global IT solutions and services provider, Ohio and India.

Interested students of any discipline with the following titles: BE / B.Tech., ME / M.Tech., M.Sc. (computer's science, Statistics, Math), MCA, MBA, B.Pharm y M.Pharm.

INSOFE Pre-Master's Certificate Program: Rs 3,00,000 + taxes @ 12.36% to pay INSOFE.

University fee: Regular college tuition rate minus the scholarship component (up to a 30% discount on the regular tuition rate) that will be paid directly to the university according to its schedule.

The educational loan is enabled for the entire program (pre-masters fee + college fee).

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