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Systems careers have always been considered the “career of the future.” The future arrived a long time ago, with it the opportunity to grow in various It profiles. But what makes system profiles so unique? We’ll look at this later.

IT stands for Information Technology. Companies compete with each other in this field for a minimal number of candidates for It profiles. Most of them already have jobs pending or several offers. Therefore, application processes are primarily carried out quickly, as competition is lively and technology needs are never-ending.

How does the need for IT profiles arise?

In the year 2000 and the .com era, IT domains became “strategic partners” for companies because they allowed them to sell products or services differently: companies created a portal to increase their sales and make their companies visible.

Until now, IT profiles were simple programming profiles for the infrastructure or the systems that manage it. They began to experience a demand for other skills, such as good communication understanding of processes and the business. Things In 2010, with the rise of social networks, IT became “ICT” fields, or information and communication technologies. At the same time, companies have incorporated social networking into their marketing strategies to communicate and implement different remote or online work forms.

How is the IT market?

The market for systems companies is characterized by innovation. Currently, IT profiles are the most sought-after in the labor market: several studies agree that there has been a constant development and evolution of specific positions in the market. For example, the web developer part has been the most in-demand recently, demonstrated by the number of job applications.

At the same time, the skills required have changed. This is the role of a developer: it is no longer just about creating websites but also involves design and usability skills.

Another area of high demand is security, with around 25 billion smart devices connected by the end of this year, which directly impacts security worldwide. Security profiles also underwent a “churn” from specialists to generalists.

The third-largest area of the IT market is Big Data, which grew by 30%. Data analytics and statistics websites are essential for managing and utilizing all the accumulated data. But this is still a developing place and, therefore, many companies need help to fill these places.

Today, companies also want to be stronger and try to make decisions based on reliable and concrete information. In this sense, the fourth largest and expected to continue to grow is Business Intelligence, as companies need a position that will guide them in their short and long-term technology strategy. These profiles also require leadership skills and a global vision of the business.

At the same time, companies today have the challenge of facilitating the user experience, so mobile developers are constantly being sought by both startups and large companies. To achieve these positions, the selector must understand the profile of the search, the type of role, the level of experience, what technology is easier or more challenging to search for, and where it is convenient. Once the profile is understood, it is necessary to attract the candidate since most of them have a job and will keep it for a long time.


Categories of IT profiles

The structure of the profile is based on a simple description. The versatility and constant development of technology make these stations have their drawbacks. Several people are involved in the story: a development manager or project manager, a software developer, and a software architect.

Mobile/web development

This is a growing industry as the demand for these projects is increasing. Mobile developer and web developer positions are separate.

Video games

Currently, video games deal with a technical quality that goes hand in hand with an increasingly demanding market at an aesthetic, functional, and narrative level. Several video game design and programming careers have been started in various institutions that provide tools to create virtual simulators and video games.

In addition, it is the activity that most influences self-taught people. The tasks defined in this field are game designer or game designer, game level designer, game level designer, and game developer, game developer.


Includes those positions that perform mapping, analysis, and design of computer systems and usability analysis focused on end users. They also analyze organizations’ business environments and processes and plan to improve their business processes. In this regard, you can apply for the following positions: Functional Analyst, UX Analyst, Business Analyst, and BI (Business Intelligence) Consultant.

Software quality and information security: related to software quality and control. It is governed by traditional quality standards, although it is much newer.

It is crucial to remember that IT profiles have changed and will continue to change. Recruiters must be attentive to these updates and adapt to new searches and assessments.

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