Interactive programming in Python – Rice University

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This course is designed to help students with little or no computer experience learn the basics of creating simple interactive applications.. Python is an easy-to-learn, high-level computer language used in many of the computer courses offered on Coursera.. To help learning Python, we have developed a new browser-based programming environment that simplifies the development of interactive applications in Python.

The main method of learning the course material will be to work through multiple “mini-projects” and Python.

This class lasts nine weeks. During most weeks, you will see two sets of videos (part A and part B) and later complete a questionnaire for each set. These questionnaires have a flexible deadline of Tuesday / Thursday, respectively, and a strict deadline of Saturday. The main task each week is to complete a mini-project due on Saturday. After, You will be asked to evaluate your peers' mini-projects the following Sunday-Wednesday.

Duration:- 5 weeks

7-10 hours per week

Halftime, full time: – Part time

Important date:

Course start date – Contact Institute

High school math knowledge is needed. Although the class is designed for students with no prior programming experience, some beginning programmers have found the class to be fast paced. For students interested in a light preparation before the start of class, We suggest learning Python at your own pace.

  • Joe Warren- Rice University
  • Scott Rixner – Rice University
  • John Greiner- Rice University
  • Stephen Wong – Rice University
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