ROOF function

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As an example, if you are american (which it's, Let's be honest, is all that Microsoft really cares about) and you want to avoid using pennies in your prices (that does not generate pennies) and your product is priced at $ 4.42, use the formula = CEILING (4.42, 0,05) to round prices to the nearest nickel.

The THE CEILING The function uses the following syntax to operate:

THE CEILING (number, meaning)

The THE CEILING The function has the following arguments:

  • number: this is required and represents the value you want to round
  • meaning: this is also necessary. This is the multiple used to round.

It should be noted at the same time that:

  • if any of the arguments is not numeric, THE CEILING return the #VALUE! error value
  • regardless of the sign of number, a value is rounded up when set outside zero. And number is an exact multiple of relevance, no rounding occurs
  • And number is negative, Y meaning is negative, value is rounded down, far from zero
  • And number is negative, Y meaning is positive, the value is rounded to zero.

Please, see my example below:

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