The COLUMN function

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The COLUMN function <Post <Blog | SumProduct son expertos en capacitación de Excel: modelado financiero, modelado de datos estratégicos, auditoría de modelos, planificación y estrategia, cursos de capacitación, consejos y base de conocimiento en línea.

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Welcome back to our usual blog of Excel functions from A to Z. Today we look at the COLUMN function.

The COLUMN function

Ah, it's time for my lord of the rings impersonation. What i wanna say? “COLUMN“(Try saying it out loud if you don't understand; this joke is precious). This function returns the column number of the given cell reference. As an example, the formula = COLUMN (D10) returns the value 4, because the column D represents the fourth column.

The COLUMN The function uses the following syntax to operate:

The COLUMN The function has the following arguments:

  • reference: believe it or not, this is optional and represents the cell or cell range for which you want to return the column number
    • If he reference argument is omitted or refers to a range of cells, what about if He COLUMN The function is entered as a horizontal array formula, the COLUMN The function returns the column numbers of reference as a horizontal matrix
    • to enter a formula as an array formula: starting with formula cell, select the range you want to contain the array formula. press the F2 function key and then press CTRL + SHIFT + LOG IN.
      • NB in Excel Online you cannot create array formulas
    • If he reference argument is a range of cells, what about if He COLUMN The function is not entered as a horizontal array formula, the COLUMN function returns the number of the leftmost column
    • If he reference argument is omitted, is supposed to be the reference of the cell in which COLUMN function appears
    • The reference The argument cannot refer to multiple areas.

Please, see my example below:

Soon we will continue with our functions from A to Z of Excel. Keep checking: there is a new blog post every other business day.

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