Error “Boot device not found” on HP notebooks

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When starting an HP brand laptop, an error may occur in some cases “Boot device not found”which has several causes and, Consequently, disposal methods. In this post, we will consider all aspects of the problem in detail.

Error “Boot device not found”.

Reasons for the error in question may include incorrect BIOS settings, as well as hard drive failures. Sometimes, the problem may be due to major damage to Windows system files.

Method 1: BIOS setup

In most cases, especially if the laptop was bought relatively recently, this error can be fixed by changing the specific BIOS settings. The following steps can also be applied to other laptops from different manufacturers.

Paso 1: create a key

  1. Open the BIOS and, via the top menu, click on the “Security”.

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  2. Click on the line “Enter the supervisor password” and fill in both fields in the window that appears. Memorize or write down the password you use, since you may need it to change BIOS settings in the future.

Paso 2: Change settings

  1. Click on the tab “System configuration” O “world”. and click on the line “Boot options”.
  2. Change value in section “Safe boot” about “Deactivate” using drop down list box.

    Note: In some cases, items can be on the same tab.

  3. Click on the line “Delete all secure boot keys” O “Delete all secure boot keys”.
  4. In the window that opens, On the line “Come in”. enter the code in the box “Access code”.
  5. Now you must change the value “Legacy support” about “Activated”.
  6. At the same time, make sure the hard drive is at the top of the component download list.

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    Note: If the BIOS does not detect the media, you can go directly to the following method.

  7. Then press the “F10” to save the parameters.

If the error persists after performing the steps described, there may be more serious problems.

Method 2: Checking the hard drive

Since the hard drive of a laptop is one of the most reliable components, failures occur rarely and are often associated with improper care of the laptop or with the purchase of the product from unverified stores. The error itself “Boot device not found” points directly to the hard drive, so this situation is still feasible.

Paso 1: disassemble the laptop

First, read one of our instructions and disassemble your laptop. This is to verify the hard drive connection.

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The same is necessary for the feasible replacement of the hard disk, therefore it is recommended to keep all the fixing items.

Paso 2: check hard drive

After opening the laptop, check the pins for visible damage. Also check the cable connecting the hard drive connector to the laptop motherboard.

If it is feasible, it is advisable to connect any other hard drive to make sure the contacts are working. It is feasible to temporarily connect the hard drive of the laptop to the PC to verify its operability.

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Paso 3: Hard drive replacement

After checking your hard drive in case it's broken, you can try to perform a recovery by reading the instructions in one of our posts.

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It is much easier to buy a suitable new hard drive at any computer store. It is advisable to get the same media that was originally installed on the laptop.

The hard drive installation procedure does not need any special skills; the main thing is to connect it and secure it correctly. To do this, follow the steps in the first step in reverse order.

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If the bracket is completely replaced, the problem in question will have to go away.

Method 3: reinstall the system

Due to corruption of system files, as due to virus, the problem in question can also occur. For this case, you can get rid of it by reinstalling the operating system.

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This method will work if your hard drive is detected in BIOS, but even after adjusting the settings, you will still get the same error message. If it is feasible, you can also use Secure Boot or Restore.

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We hope that after reading the provided instructions you were able to get rid of the error. “Boot device not found” on HP notebooks. If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to contact us in the comments.

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