Resident Evil Blinding Grenade 6: features and more

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With the help of this post you will be able to know all the details about the Resident Evil Blinding Grenade 6 so that you are the best of all when using it.

blinding grenade resident evil 6 Details about the Resident Evil Blinding Grenade 6

Resident Evil Blinding Grenade 6

Before we take the time to learn more about this fabulous weapon, it is essential to know a little more about Resident Evil 6 per se; It is an action video game based on the third person belonging to the drama and horror genre. It was released in the year 2012, the 2 October thanks to the Capcom company for the Play Station brand 3 and Xbox 360.

At the same time, has a version worked for Microsoft Windows that was available on 22 March but from 2013 with audio in Spanish included.

This new installment features the participation of new and old characters from the saga such as:

  • Jerez Birkin
  • Jake Muller
  • Leon S. Kennedy
  • Chris Redfield
  • There's Wong
  • Helena harper
  • Piers Nivans

These form the group of main protagonists. Besides, the game has absolutely China based scenarios, United States and the Balkans.

From 2016, thanks to the great celebration of the twenty years of the saga, it was feasible to release fully remastered versions of the last three announced Resident Evil games so that loyal gamers could enjoy 100% new and reloaded material.


Now that you know all the details of the video game, the time has come to announce all the most important details about the grenade..

To be able to find all the details to know how Resident Evil 6 Kill with Blinding Grenade attention should be paid to certain details; First the Resident Evil Blinding Grenade 6 Or also known as Flash Grenade, It is popular for being a handheld explosive that can be found in different versions of Resident Evil, as an example:

  • Dentro de Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
  • In the Resident Evil version 2 (remake)
  • Also in Resident Evil 5
  • En Resident Evil 6
  • Dentro de Resident Evil 3 (remake)
  • And in Resident Evil 4

Features of the Resident Evil blinding grenade 6

This Resident Evil Blinding Grenade 6 It has been created to confuse people in a harmless way; The noise it generates produces an automatic overload for a time in each of the semicircular canals located in the ears, unbalancing the establishment of all victims.

Besides, the light, produced by the same compounds used in the different camera flashes, may also stun the retinas located in the eyes for a time.

From version number four (4) of this video game, Grenades have been included to act as a throwing weapon that can cast a great light that can blind your enemies for a moment; despite this, in versions four (4) and five (5) it is feasible to generate the pest suspension.

At the same time, in version two remake (2), all flash grenades will be able to appear as if they were an innovative support-type weapon with which you can keep your opponents busy for a moment or perhaps use as a weapon. protection to corner your opponent.

blinding grenade resident evil 6

Resident Evil blinding grenade trivia 6

Next in this chapter of the post we will let you know a small list with a couple of curiosities that you surely did not know about the great ones Resident Evil Blinding Grenade 6 (Even when clear, you will find curiosities of the versions prior to this).

  1. In the famous Remake version of the video game we will find a blinding grenade known as "Grenade Grenade" which can be taken as a self-defense weapon, while being used solely by Chris Redfield.
  2. We can say that the Resident Evil Blinding Grenade 6 it is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest weaknesses of all Mesets.
  3. By working with this grenade you will be able to carry out the end of any of the pests that you find, as long as it is absolutely exposed. The grenade is useful in case of fighting against the Armor, the Cattle and the Giant.
  4. Another curiosity that we can point out about this weapon is that at the same time it can end life with almost any plague, is capable of killing all the crows in the area.
  5. Dentro de Resident Evil 4, no matter how close Ada Wong or Leon S are to launch. Kennedy, will not be affected. Despite this, in Resident Evil versions 5, if Chirs Redfield or Sheva Alomar are close to launch, may be temporarily stunned (the same happens in the version 6 of the video game).
  6. Dentro de Resident Evil 4, the Resident Evil Blinding Grenade 6 Won't harm Ashley Graham or Peddler.
  7. Also within the fourth version of Resident Evil we can find a weapon called "P.RL. 412 ”, that holding the trigger gently, it will be able to emit a flash quite equal to the one that would provide the grenade, also managing to stun the enemies.
  8. Originally, the grenade was shown inside Resident Evil 3.5, which was taken more as a type of weapon used for self defense against all ghostly opponents. Besides, the flash he shared was much smaller than the flash he bestows in Resident Evil 4.
  9. Believe it or not, this weapon in real life does not generate any light source, Rather, it focuses on stunning nearby people through loud noises.
  10. Besides, It is essential that the players of this wonderful video game take into account that the use of this weapon within Resident Evil 4 will not have any link in the successes.

To end this post, We invite you to click on the following link and learn all about Buster Sword. Another amazing Fantasy VII weapon that will possibly catch you right out of the box. Do not miss it.

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