Lighten areas of a photo in Photoshop


Areas that are too dark in a photo (faces, clothing, etc.) are the result of an underexposed photo or insufficient lighting.

Inexperienced photographers often experience this. Let's find out how to fix a bad photo.

Tenga en cuenta que no siempre es factible explicar con éxito una cara u otra área de una foto. If the darkening is too strong and details are lost in the shadows, that photo cannot be edited.

Then, open the problem photo in Photoshop and create a copy of the layer with the background using the hotkey CTRL + J.

As you can see, our model's face is in shadow. The details (eyes, lips, nose) its visible. It means that we can “take them out” from the shadow.

Te mostraré algunas alternativas para hacerlo. The results will be more or less the same, but there will be differences. Some tools run smoother, the impact after other techniques will be more pronounced.

Recomiendo tomar todos los métodos puesto que no hay dos fotos iguales.

Method one – “Curves”.

Este método se trata de usar una capa de ajuste con el nombre apropiado.

Apply it:

Place a point on the curve midway and bend the curve up, toward the left. Take care that there are no overlaps.

Since the topic of the lesson is facial lightening, go to the layers palette and do the following:

The first is to activate the mask of the curves layer.

Then, debe determinar el negro como color principal en la paleta de colores.

Now press the key combination ALT + SUPRThus, the mask fills with black. El efecto aclarador quedará totalmente oculto.

Después elija un pincel blanco suave blanco,

Set the opacity to 20-30%,

and erase the black mask from the model's face, In other words, paint the mask with a white brush.

The result is achieved …

El siguiente método es muy semejante al anterior, con la diferencia de que en esta circunstancia se utiliza la capa de ajuste “Exposition”. The approximate configuration and the result can be seen in the following screenshots:

Now fill the layer mask with black and erase the mask in the desired areas. As you can see, the effect is softer.

Y la tercera forma es utilizar una capa con relleno. 50% Grey..

Then, we create a new layer with a keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + N.

Then, pulsamos la combinación de teclas SHIFT + F5 and in the drop-down menu, choose a filling “50% Grey”..

Change the blending mode of this layer to “faint light”..

Choose a tool “Clarifier”. with an exposure of no more than 30%.

Passing the lightener over the model's face, remaining in a layer filled with gray.

When applying this rinse method, it is necessary to take care that the main characteristics of the face (shades) permanezcan lo más intactas factible, puesto que se debe preservar la forma y los rasgos.

Estas son las tres alternativas para iluminar una cara en Photoshop. Use them in your work.

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