Clash of clans: the best tricks for Iphone

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Know the tricks of Clash of clans so you can defeat all your enemies in an easier way, so you don't miss it.

clash of clans

Clash of clans

Who participate in Clash of clans Constantly in the experiences of this game they know very well the difficulties encountered in defeating opponents. When you are part of an army of barbarians or warriors, you can fight very strong battles that sometimes cannot be overcome.

For this, It is essential to know a series of tools that allow us to obtain the four essential materials that are: Oro, elixir, gems and dark elixir.


It is one of the resources that are used and must be collected in large quantities, but it has the advantage of being obtained anywhere and at any time. For this you must know the location of the gold mines, where we can supply as much as you want.


They can be accumulated little by little and are obtained in various ways. They are mandatory to advance in the game, achieving stages with or without them; but let's see below the ways in which they are obtained.

Some gems are obtained by canceling with real money in small steps, it is one of the most direct alternatives. The second option can be made through cancellations with virtual money; Another way to obtain gems is through the improvement of the buildings of the town.

Every time there is an improvement, multiple gems are assigned, depending on the volume of the structure. You can also accumulate gems by cutting down trees and destroying rocks., even though not very often at any time he can grant you some gems.


This type of material is used for actions with the army, building construction, towns improvement, etc. If you want to get them, You just have to invest Gold in the construction of collectors and provide a shelter where all objects can be kept.

As we increase purchases, you will also have the opportunity to build the elixir, but you must use the gems and thus move on, something that helps generate a kind of shopping and spending circle.

Dark elixir

This resource makes it possible to create kings and leaders. Attention must be paid to the Gatherers who are capable of generating it and in this way it is stolen from them to have them immediately; It is essential to have troops capable of breaking through the walls of enemy armies, to later enter the warehouses and obtain the Cclans whip hack.

Experience points in Clash of Clans

We will see below an action that must be accompanied by the creation of new buildings as well as their improvement; but you're going to get buildings and some troops blocked, To this end you must level up to unlock little by little and especially get an experience point.

Membership in any Clash of Clans Villages It is a mandatory procedure to advance in the game. After being in it, you can donate troops and in this way experience points are added to you; You must also seek the growth of the clan to be able to donate troops and obtain more points.

Earn achievements in Clash of Clans

You can perform these actions by accessing the “Game achievements menu”, there you will have the option to see the challenges according to your ability to play. You will have the option to delete obstacles, perform more difficult actions, how to make the most of the town hall, win a specific number of battles among other actions; Each achievement has three different levels and awards, let's see:

  • Level 1 10 XP
  • Level 2 100 XP.
  • Level 3: 1000 XP.

Eliminating Town Halls

Attacks you make on opposing town halls will grant you XP, be careful not to confuse the actions and delete your own town halls. You must be aware of the revenge-type attacks that your rivals always prepare.

Building improvement and construction

It is a simple action that does not need further explanation, just dedicate yourself in the game to build structures according to needs. Expand and improve the facilities and in this way you will receive experience points; In the following Dark Souls post you can see tricks from another video game.

Destroy the environment

One of the characteristics of Clash of Clans is about destroying and breaking everything around your village, in reality they are clogs that are useless or have no function. Depending on the time spent and destroy the hindrances, to the same extent they will give you more or less experience in points, let's see:

  • Destruction in 10 seconds: 3 points
  • In 15 seconds: 3 points
  • If you do it in 20 seconds: 4 points
  • Destruction in 30 seconds: 5 points
  • Elimination in 45 seconds: 6 points
  • Hindrance in 60 seconds: 7 points

The characters of the video game Clash Of Clans

The troops are part of the main characters of the game within them multiple items and types of soldiers and warriors are obtained that serve as support for the triumph in conflicts, these are:

  • Minions, are part of the flying unit but very vulnerable to anti-aircraft attacks, they are very useful as cannon fodder, and they do not have remarkable characteristics.
  • The archers, these long-range attack units, they are very vulnerable to any fast moving target, They are a type of defensive soldier who can quickly take down enemy infantry and defensive units.
  • Defenses are essential in the troops, capable of wiping out enemy infantry, especially to defense units. They are vulnerable to mortars and vital to breaking down walls.
  • The Giants, included in the infantry group, are vulnerable to Mage Towers and deal considerable damage to enemy defensive units, the infantry and the ramparts.
  • The Barbarians, it is a very powerful infantry unit that is not defeated by almost anything, are used in functions of basic units and the bulk of the troops.
  • The healer is not vulnerable to anything.
  • Dragons, flying troops, immune cannons and mortars.
  • Magicians; Aimed at the infantry attack, deal general damage to enemy troops.
  • Pekka, is an infantry unit and serves as a decoy, they always go to the side of the healers.
  • Golem, they are infantry units and very strong against walls and long distance attacks.


Each of these characters makes up the troop, that you should always be alert and try to avoid dispersion. clash of clans pc offers alternatives where you really advance by overcoming levels; We hope we have given answers and offer alternatives for a better gaming experience..

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