KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED Blue Screen in Windows 10 – How to solve it?

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KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED Blue Screen in Windows 10 – How to solve it?

The blue screen (BSoD) with the code KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED is one of the most difficult to diagnose, especially if the display does not report any faulty modules (.sys) that generated it. Despite this, it is feasible to try to discover and fix the problem.

This instruction details the possible alternatives to fix the blue screen error KMODE UNHANDLED EXCEPTION in Windows 10 depending on the situation and the nuances that accompany the appearance of the problem.


The most common cause of KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED blue screen in Windows 10 are the controller faults. But there is a very important nuance.: Usually we are not talking about a driver for some physical device, but of drivers installed by third-party programs for its operation. These programs include:

  • Antivirus, automatic system cleaning tools, firewalls, VPN and proxy tools.
  • A software that modifies the system.
  • Programs that install virtual device drivers (units, Wi-Fi network adapters and the like).
  • Cryptography tools.

It's not necessarily about them: the cause may also be in the driver of the physical device itself, but this opportunity must also be taken into account.

Another chance is a hardware obstacle, not necessarily a hardware malfunction. As an example, if you connect a hard disk or SSD incorrectly (or connect it with a faulty cable), you can also get the error in question. Then, if you have done something to your computer hardware (or moved it from one location to another, which sometimes also causes problems due to shaking), Keep it in mind.

One more important detail: If the blue screen EXCEPTION KMODE NOT HANDLED points to some .sys file (in parentheses after the error code), be sure to try searching the internet for what that file is and what driver or program it belongs to (searching in English is usually more efficient), maybe that will give the needed information on what exactly is causing the problem.

How to fix an error when Windows 10 starts or displays a login screen

Warning: If the error appears after shutting down Windows 10 and later turn on your computer or laptop, but not showing up after reboot, try disabling windows 10 Fast Startup.

A relatively simple case is when the error appears already after logging in to Windows 10 or at least the availability of the login screen from which we can also do some actions. In this situation, I recommend following the following steps:

  1. Before the next blue screen appears, restart your computer or laptop in safe mode. If the system boots, you can do it by pressing the key Win + Rwalk into msconfig and hit Enter, later in the boot tab activate the safe mode, save settings and reboot. If you only have access to the lock screen, press the power button shown at the bottom right, subsequently Hold down the Shift key., press “restart”.. On the blue screen, go to Troubleshooting – Start options, and in the start alternatives, press the key 4 to enter safe mode. Read more: How to enter safe mode in Windows 10.
  2. If you updated any drivers just before the problem occurred, return it to Device Manager, uninstall it or install another driver in safe mode.
  3. If you know which program caused the failure, uninstall it in safe mode (preferably through the Control Panel – Programs and components).
  4. If you do not know what is the cause of the failure, but the blue screen appears some time after the desktop: Try to delete all programs (especially recently installed ones) from autorun. How to do it: Autorun on Windows 10: how to delete or add programs.
  5. If the problem has not appeared recently and nothing has been installed on your computer, try to use restore points (Control Panel – Restore). Read more: Windows restore points 10.
  6. If the name of the failed .sys file does not appear on the error screen, try to use the BlueScreenView program available at Can display detailed information about the cause (what file) of the error. As an example, To write this post I used the old Lock Folder program because I knew for sure that a driver from it would cause the specified blue screen in Windows. I have the blue screen (but with a different code) and BlueScreenView shows lf40fs64.sys file is the culprit, it's from this program.

If the blue KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED screen appears before logging in

The case where the failure occurs before logging in is more complex, but from time to time the problem can be fixed without having to reinstall the system:

  1. You will need a bootable Windows flash drive 10 the same bit size that is installed on your computer or laptop. You can also do it on another device. You can even write a UEFI device on an android mobile.
  2. Start the problem computer from this flash drive, select the language on the first screen, then click on “Restore system” at the bottom left of the next screen and select “Problem solving”.
  3. You can later try to use the system restore points or uninstall the latest Windows updates 10.
  4. If you run the command line in the recovery tools, you can enable safe mode for a system already installed on your computer using the command
    bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal

    followed by restarting the computer from the main HDD or SSD.

The error appears some time after a clean installation of the system.

If the KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED error always appears some time after installing / reinstall Windows 10, the reason may be that the system loads the drivers for the hardware and some of them are not working properly on your system.

A feasible solution for this situation is to preload the hardware drivers downloaded manually from the official websites of the PC or laptop motherboard manufacturer., install without connecting to the internet and then manually install the preloaded drivers. If you wish, you can also disable automatic driver update in Windows 10.

In case you still need help, try to detail in the comments all the information you know about the appearance of the error on your PC: after which the blue screen started to appear, what exact time it appears and any additional details. Maybe a solution will be found.

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