Flash Video Downloader for Opera – Extension to download videos easily

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Flash Video Downloader for Opera – Extension to download videos easily

It is no secret that video streaming is not easy to download from web resources. There are special downloaders to upload this video content. One of the tools designed for this purpose is the Flash Video Downloader extension for Opera. Let's find out how to install it and how to use this plugin.

Installing the extension

To install the Flash Video Downloader extension, or as it is also called FVD Video Downloader, you must go to the official page of Opera add-ons. To do this, open the main menu by clicking on the Opera logo in the upper left corner, and go to the categories "Extensions" and "Download extensions".

Once on the official Opera add-on site, write the next sentence “Flash Video Downloader” in the resource's search engine.

We go to the page of the first search result.

On the extension page, click the big green button “Add to Opera”.

The plugin installation procedure starts, along which the button changes from green to yellow.

When the installation is complete, turns green again, and the button is labeled as “Installed” and the icon for this plugin appears on the toolbar.

You can now apply the extension for its intended purpose.

Download videos

Now we are going to understand how to manage this extension.

If there is no video on an Internet web page, the FVD icon in the browser toolbar is inactive. As soon as you navigate to a page with online video playback, the icon turns blue. By clicking on it, you can choose the video that the user wants to download (if there are several videos). Next to the name of each video is its resolution.

To start the download, just click the button “Descargar” next to the video you want to download, which also indicates the size of the file to download.

After clicking the button, a window opens offering to determine the location on your computer's hard drive where the file will be saved, as well as change your name, If you wish. We assign a place and press the button “Keep”.

After, upload is sent to Opera's standard file downloader, which loads the video as a file in the preselected directory.

Administration discharge

Any download from the list of available videos can be deleted by clicking on the red cross next to its name.

Clicking on the broom symbol, it is possible to completely delete the download list.

Clicking on the question mark symbol, the user accesses the official web portal of the extension, where you can report errors in its operation, if there were.

Extension settings

To go to the extension settings, click the cross wrench and hammer symbol.

In settings, you can choose the video format to be displayed when you navigate to the web page that contains it. These formats are: mp4, 3gp, flv, avi, mov, wmv, asf, swf, webm. By default, all of them are enabled except 3gp format.

Here, in settings, can determine file size, from which the content will be treated as video: from 100 KB (set by default) or from 1 MB. The fact is that there is small size flash content, which are not really videos, but a graphic element of the web page. This restriction was created so as not to confuse the user with a huge list of content available for download..

At the same time, in settings, you can enable the display of the extension button for uploading videos to social networks Facebook and VKontakte, after clicking on which, the download is carried out according to the scenario described previously.

At the same time, in settings, you can set the clip to save with the original file name. The last option is disabled by default, but you can enable it if you want.

Deactivate and delete a plugin

To disable or delete the Flash Video Downloader extension, open the main menu of the browser and successively go through the items "Extensions" and "Manage extensions". Or press the Ctrl key combination + Shift + E.

In the window that opens, look in the list for the name of the plugin we need. To deactivate it, just click the button “Deactivate”, which is under the name.

To erase Flash Video Downloader from your computer completely, click on the cross that appears in the upper right corner of the block with the control settings of this extension, when you hover over it.

As you can see, Flash Video Downloader extension for Opera is a very functional but simple tool to download videos in real time in this browser. This is exactly the reason for its great popularity among users.

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