Guide to creating a flash drive with ERD Commander

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Guide to creating a flash drive with ERD Commander

ERD Commander (ERDC) widely used in Windows recovery. It is a Windows PE boot disk and a special set of software that can help you recover your operating system.. A good idea if you have the kit on a USB flash drive. It is useful and practical.

How to write ERD Commander to a flash drive

You can prepare a boot drive with ERD Commander in the following ways:

  • When writing an ISO image;
  • without using the ISO image;
  • Use Windows tools.

Method 1: use an ISO image

Initially, download an ISO image for ERD Commander. You can do it from the resources page.

Special programs are often used to write a bootable flash drive. Let's see how each of them works.

Let's start with Rufus:

  1. Install the program. Run it on your computer.
  2. At the top of the open window, in the countryside. “Device”. select your flash drive.
  3. Please check the boxes below “Create a boot disk”.. To the right of “ISO image”. specify the path of your downloaded ISO image. To do this, click the drive icon with the disk. A standard file selection window will open in which you must specify the path to the desired one.
  4. Press the button “Starts”..
  5. When pop-up windows appear, Touch “OKEY”.

After writing is complete, the flash drive is ready to use.

You can also use the UltraISO software for this case. It is one of the most popular programs for creating bootable flash drives. To use it, follow these steps:

  1. Install the UltraISO utility. Then, create an ISO image by performing the following steps:
    • in the main menu, select the tab “Instruments”.;
    • select the post. “Create a CD image / DVD”;
    • Select the letter of the CD drive / DVD in the window that opens and enter the field “Save as”. ISO image name and path;
    • Press the button “Do”..
  2. When creation is complete, a window will appear asking you to open the image. Click on “No.”.
  3. Write the resulting image to a flash drive, to do it:
    • go to tab “Self-loading”.;
    • select the post. “Write disk image”;
    • check the parameters of the new window.
  4. In the countryside. “HDD” Select your flash drive. In the countryside “Image Archive”. ISO file path is specified.
  5. Then enter the field “Recording method” value “USB HARD DRIVE”, Click the button “Format”. and format the USB memory device.
  6. Then press the “Record”.. The program will display a warning message to which you must respond by pressing “Yes”..
  7. Once the operation is finished, Press the button. “Behind”..

Read more about how to create a bootable flash drive in our instructions.

Lesson: Creating a bootable flash drive in Windows

Method 2: without using an ISO image

It is also feasible to create an ERD Commander flash drive without using an image file.. To do this, use PeToUSB. To use it, do the following

  1. Run the program. It will format the USB stick by writing the MBR of the partition and the boot sectors. For this, select your removable media in the respective field. Check the checkboxes of the following fields “Removable USB”. and “Enable disk format”. Next press “Start”..
  2. Absolutely copy the ERD Commander data (open the downloaded ISO image) on a flash drive.
  3. Copy from folder “I386” data to the root of the directory files “biosinfo.inf”, “” and others.
  4. Rename the file “Setupldr.bin” about “Ntldr”.
  5. Rename the directory “I386” v “Minint”..

Done! The ERD Commander is written to the flash drive.

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Method 3: Windows standard tools

  1. Enter the command line through the menu “To run”. (It is started by pressing the buttons at the same time “TO WIN” and “R”). In her, enter cmd and press “AGREE”..
  2. Write a command DISKPART and press “Come in”. on the keyboard. A black window will appear with the legend: “DISKPART>”.
  3. To get a list of discs, enter the command list disk.
  4. Select the desired number of your flash drive. Can be identified by column “Size”.. Write the command select disk 1where 1 is the number of the desired unit when the list is displayed.
  5. The command clean erase the contents of your flash drive.
  6. Create a new primary partition on the flash drive by typing the command create partition primary.
  7. Highlight it to work later with the command select partition 1.
  8. Write a command activeand the partition will be activated.
  9. Format the selected partition in the FAT32 file system (what you need for the ERD Commander) with the command format fs=fat32.
  10. At the end of the formatting procedure, assign a free letter to the partition using the command assign.
  11. Check what name has been assigned to your medium. This is done with the command list volume.
  12. Complete job in command exit.
  13. Through the menu. “Disk management” (opens by entering “Diskmgmt.msc” in the command execution window) in Control Panel Identify the letter of the flash drive.
  14. Create a boot sector of type “Bootmgr”running the command bootsect /nt60 F:where F is the letter assigned to the USB memory device.
  15. If the command is successful, the message “The boot code was successfully updated on all target volumes”.
  16. Copy the contents of the ERD Commander image to a flash drive. End up!

Read also: The command line as a tool for formatting a flash drive

As you can see, writing ERD Commander to flash drive is not difficult. The main thing to remember when using such a flash drive is to do the BIOS setup. Good job!

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