How to Convert ODS Files to XLSX and XLS

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SAO, is the ODF spreadsheet format. ADF is the group of free office formats developed by the OASIS industrial consortium (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards). All ODF formats, including ODS, focus on one version of XML and have been an ISO standard since May 2006.

Calc, the spreadsheet program included in OpenOffice and LibreOffice, always had the default save format ODS.

Convert ODS spreadsheets to XLS and XLSX (Office default format) It is easy, we will cover all the faster ways in the next paragraphs.

WarningConverting files between formats has improved a lot in recent years, but still problematic for larger and more complex folders. Therefore, we suggest you open and check the converted file before sending it to friends, acquaintances or colleagues.

Using Office to convert ODS files to XLSX and XLS

If you have an Office version of 2010, converting ODS files to Excel formats is very easy.

In reality, Excel, from this version of Office, officially supports ODS files. Conversion is fast, you should:

  • double click the file you want to convert and it will open in Excel;
  • inside excel, in the upper right corner click on the entry Proceedingsand then in Save as;
  • click one of the recent destinations or click Navigatea dialog box will open;
  • in the window choose the name of the file and then the format Excel folder using the dropdown menu next to the post Save as;
  • in conclusion click on the button Keep.

If you need to share the document with people who have a specifically outdated version of Excel, we suggest you choose as format Excel folder 97-2003 (the classic XLS format).

Using LibreOffice to convert ODS files to XLSX and XLS

Inclusive with the main free alternative to Office, converting ODS files to XLSX and XLS is very easy, should:

  • double click on the document you want to convert and Calc will open it;
  • in Calc, in the upper right corner, click the item Proceedingsand then in the Save as;
  • In the dialog, specify the folder where you want the converted file to be saved;
  • then enter the name of the document and immediately after choose the format from the drop-down menu Microsoft Excel 2007-2013 XML (.xlsx);
  • in conclusion click Keep.

Also in this circumstance, if you need to share the document with people who have a particularly old version of Excel, we suggest you save the document in XLS format. The procedure is equivalent to that previously described, you just have to select the format Microsoft Excel 97-2003 (.xls).

Convert ODS files to XLSX and XLS with an online tool

If you want to convert a large number of files, it is not convenient to use Excel or Calc, it is more efficient to take advantage of one of the many free tools on the web.

Here are two great tools and how to use them:

To convert

It is a very simple free converter, fast and fast that only needs a few steps to change the format of your files, simply:

  • go to the page Web service;
  • Press the button Choose fileand in the dialog box select the files you want to convert;
  • choose from the drop-down menu next to the phrase Target formatthe format XSLX O XLS;
  • click on Convert now!;
  • Once the conversion is complete, below the converted file name there will be a small icon with a down arrow, which will allow you to download it.


Is another one free converter without registrationwhich enables you to convert serial files. The operation is simple and equivalent to Aconvert, but the service needs you to provide a valid email address to receive the converted files.

Use ZamZar to convert ODS files to XLSX and XLS it is simple, just:

  • go to the page Web service;
  • Press the button Select files …or just drag the files and drop them into the browser window;
  • choose from drop down menu below Stage 2the format xlsx O xls;
  • insert below Stage 3 The email address where you want to receive the converted files;
  • in conclusion click Become aand then open the email provided and download the files in XLSX or XLS format.

Our in-depth analysis of how convert ODS files to XLSX and XLS it's finished. We invite you to consult other interesting publications dedicated to Excel:

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