How to create a Windows boot disk 10

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A Windows boot disk 10, despite the prevalence of USB drives currently to install the operating system, can be very useful. USB drives are regularly used and overwritten, while the OS layout on the DVD drive will be lurking. And it will not only be useful to install Windows 10, but also, as an example, to restore the system or reset the password.

In this tutorial: Several alternatives to create a Windows boot disk 10 from an ISO image, even in video format, as well as information on where and how to download the official system image and what mistakes beginners can make when burning the disc. Windows bootable USB flash drive 10.

Download an ISO image to burn to disc

If you already have an operating system image, you can skip this section. But if you want to download the Windows ISO 10, You can do it in a totally official way by obtaining the original distribution from the Microsoft website.

You just have to go to the official page and then click on the button “Download tool now” at the bottom of it. The media creation tool will download, run it.

In the utility that runs, you will be prompted to specify successively that you plan to create a drive to install Windows 10 on another computer, select the required version of the operating system and then specify that you want to download an ISO file to burn to disc. DVD, specify where to save it and wait for the download to complete.

If for some reason this method does not work for you, there are additional options, See How to download the Windows ISO 10 from the Microsoft web portal.

Write a Windows boot disk 10 from an ISO

From Windows 7, you can burn ISO image to DVD disc without using any third party software and i will show you exactly this method first. Below are some examples of recording with specialized recording software.

Note: one of the most common mistakes novice users make is that they burn the ISO image to disk as a normal file, In other words, the result is a CD containing some ISO file with an ISO extension. This is not the correct way to do it.: if you need a Windows boot disk 10, must record exactly the content of the disc image – “decompress” the ISO image on a DVD burner.

To burn the downloaded ISO, in Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10 with built-in disc image recorder, you can right click on the ISO file and choose “Burn Disc Image”.

A simple utility will open where you can specify the drive (if you have more than one) and click on “Engrave”.

Then you just have to wait for the disk image to be written. At the end of the procedure, you will get a Windows boot disk 10 ready to use (an easy way to boot from such a disk is described in the post How to boot the menu on your computer or laptop).

Video tutorial: how to make a Windows boot disk 10

And now the same visually. At the same time of the writing method with the tools built into the system, also shows the use of third-party programs for this purpose, which is also described in this post.

Creating a bootable disk with UltraISO

One of the most popular disk imaging programs in our country is UltraISO and with its help, you can definitely also create a bootable disk to install Windows 10 On your computer.

It's very easy to do:

  1. In the main menu of the program (at the top), select “Tools” – “Burn CD Image” (even if we are recording a DVD).
  2. In the next window, specify the path to the file with the Windows image 10, unit, as well as the writing speed: it is believed that the lower the speed used, the more likely you are to read the burned disc smoothly on different computers. . The other parameters must not be modified.
  3. Click on “to write” and wait for the write procedure to complete.

By the way, the main reason third-party utilities are used to burn optical discs is exactly the opportunity to adjust the write speed and other parameters (that we do not need in this circumstance).

With other software at no cost.

There are many other disc burning programs, almost every (the inclusive all) have functions for burning discs from an image and would be suitable for creating a Windows DVD layout 10.

As an example, Ashampoo Burning Studio Free, one of the best (in my opinion) representatives of this type of software. There you only have to choose “Disk image” – “Burn Image” and it will run a simple and easy to use ISO to disk wizard. Other examples of these types of utilities can be found in the review The best free disc burning programs.

I have tried to make these instructions as clear as possible for a novice user, despite this, if you still have questions or something is not working, write the comments with a description of the problem and I will try to help you.

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