How to know the real capacity of the battery of your Android mobile

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How to know the real capacity of the battery of your Android mobile

Over time, especially with heavy use or frequent full discharges, the battery of your android mobile loses its capacity, and when you replace the battery with a new one, very often you can get a lower capacity than you had in the battery. factory battery, even if the label shows the same numbers. In all these cases and many others, it may be useful to know the actual battery capacity of your Android, what this instruction will cover. It can also be useful: Why does the battery drain quickly on Android and what to do ?, How to activate battery percentage on Android?

Unfortunately, no built-in functions to estimate actual battery capacity on Android: some manufacturers have built-in applications or sections in the configuration to examine the “condition” battery, but correct conclusions cannot always be drawn from them. Android also lacks system information on the actual capacity that can be used. Despite this, data on energy consumption at all times (this information is provided by the system) and information about the remaining charge allow third-party applications to analyze and calculate a near-real capacity of the installed battery.

Get the current Android battery capacity from the AccuBattery app

There are various battery capacity analysis apps available on the Play Market, but the most popular and accurate (you can find comparisons of the results obtained in the program and with the online hardware capacity meters) is AccuBattery, available regularly. for free (there is also a Pro version, but for our purpose it is not necessary).

You can download AccuBattery from the official Play Market store: = com.digibites.accubattery. After installing and starting AccuBattery, it is not feasible to get information on battery capacity at this time: this is because the application is “forced” to calculate and correct it before the numbers get close to the real value. General order of actions in the context of the subject under consideration:

  1. After starting the application and after some welcome screens with information about its characteristics, in the tab “Load”, check if the application has correctly determined the “Design Capability” (also known as “plate capacity”) of your battery. Opposite case, click on “Determine design capacity” and set the correct number.
  2. You can find out the factory battery capacity from your phone's specs online or with another third-party app: AIDA64 displays the nameplate capacity of the most popular smartphone brands very accurately (AccuBattery may be wrong in this regard).
  3. After the first run, the element “Calculated capacity” (exactly what interests us) will be blank. Our task is to be patient and use the phone. In relation to what should be considered in this case, plus, after the considered steps.
  4. After the first charge of your android mobile, the element “Calculated capacity” will display the capacity data in mAh (mAh) calculated for the current moment. Later, as follow-up continues, this data will be adjusted and more accurate.
  5. At the same time, as use continues (not from day one), the battery capacity graph at the bottom of the health tab in AccuBattery will start to fill up.

That's it: if you want more accurate data about the battery capacity of your android mobile, let the app collect information for a week or two. The following nuances should be taken into account:

  • Once the application is installed, a default configuration is set that prompts you to finish loading when it meets the 80% loading (this can have a positive effect on overall battery life).
  • At the same time, most users try not to discharge the battery to the end, since they know that this is harmful to Li-Ion batteries / Lee-Paul.
  • The first two points (charge not to finish and after partial discharge) make calculated capacity data less accurate.

How to deal with this is up to you to choose. I recommend charging the phone at 100% for a week and download it to 20-30%, data is relatively accurate and procedure will be smooth on battery.

More information.

To end, some additional information that may be helpful:

  • When you change the battery in a workshop or purchase (especially to his comrades in the Celestial Empire) and install it yourself, words “original” and the pretty numbers like “4000 mAh” they are often far from the truth.
  • Many sites similar to the one you are on now offer instructions on “How to calibrate Android battery”, which are reduced to a full charge (sometimes with some nuances) followed by a total battery drain and reports that this will allow the phone to ” “and more accurately display the load percentage or increase the capacity. The first, with some caveats, is something true: a full charge cycle / download performed from time to time (once every one to three months) enables a special chip in the battery to transmit more accurate percentage-of-charge figures, that the phone in turn shows you. Despite this: even if you decide to do it, and look at the advice that it is important to highlight doing this cycle various times in a row with a new phone or new battery, I recommend not listening. The second is totally wrong at present, unless your phone has a NiMh battery / NiCd (theoretically feasible, but only on very old devices, I have not found them in recent years).
  • If your phone turns off suddenly or instantly discharges after achieving a certain percentage of charge (50% -30%), this does not usually indicate a calibration obstacle like the one described in the previous point, it is related to the first point (in the case of a relatively new battery) or with a wear / severe battery damage.
  • If you are interested in separating truth and fiction on the subject of modern batteries and how they work, and it is prepared so that it is not in Russian (but it is very understandable for beginners), you probably can't find a better resource than https : //
  • You can find cheap hardware battery capacity meters at a well-known Chinese online store that orders phone battery meters..

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