How to refund a PS4 game?

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How to refund a PS4 game? Today we want to show you what are the steps to follow in case of pretending request the return of a game that you have purchased for your PlayStation console 4. It may happen that for some reason you want to refund a PS4 game and here we show you how you have to do the procedure.

The good news is that Yes, It is possible to request a refund of the money for a PS4 game and it is not as difficult as some users may imagine. We will have to make the request through a questionnaire and there are certain parameters that must be met to successfully complete this type of procedure.

Steps to request a return of a PS4 game

Thinking of refunding a PS4 game? Then you must be very attentive to the following steps that we mention below. Even though the procedure is somewhat simple, it is essential to do things correctly to achieve the goal.

Paso 1: access the official web portal

The first step in learning how to refund a PS4 game will be to have access to the official page set up by the video game company for this purpose.. Just click HERE and you will enter the platform.

Paso 2: Fill in the form

Once inside the platform, the next step will be complete the form with some data from our user account. You will need to provide your first and last name, the name others see on PlayStation Network and an email address.

A section will appear below with the name “About your request”. There you must specify the type of content you want to return. For this case, we are interested in reimbursing a game so the option to select will be “Game content”.

There's a third part of the questionnaire what should we complete. There you are asked to indicate the name of the game or content that you want to return, you must also indicate the reason for which you want to refund the game and the date the game was purchased.

In conclusion you will find a additional information field. In this box you will have the opportunity to write what you want. You can use this space to better explain your reasons for requesting a refund for a game. The clearer and more precise you are, best.

Paso 3: press send

Questionnaire completed? Excellent. Now what follows will be to send this information to the company. For this, we just have to click on the option “check”. After passing that point, you must click the button “TO SEND”.

You must know the reasons why you entered to have access to the refund of the money. If you have said that the return is because the video game did not convince you but later the company detects that you have played for many hours, most likely do not access the request to refund the money.

Now just touch suppose to the video game company to examine our request and choose whether or not to accept the refund of the money. In general, it is a procedure that may take a few weeks., so be patient.

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