How to resolve the error “The default gateway is not available” in Windows 10

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How to resolve the error “The default gateway is not available” in Windows 10

None of the Internet connection systems on desktop or laptop computers work perfectly. Occasionally, various failures can occur due to operating system errors, controller errors or some external factor of connected devices. Sometimes, this results in an error with the text. “The default gateway is not available”.. In today's article we want to show how this situation is solved using Windows 10 as an example.

How to resolve the error “The default gateway is not available” in Windows 10

In most cases, the mentioned error occurs on laptops using a wireless connection, but PC owners with an Ethernet connection may also encounter a similar problem. Therefore, some of the following methods will only target a specific type of network, of which we will inform you in advance. For now, we suggest you restart your PC and your router if you haven't done it before. If the situation has not been resolved and the Internet is not yet available, go to the following options.

Method 1: network adapter power management

The simplest and most effective method to solve the problem is to change the properties of the adapter power supply. It is primarily designed for wireless adapters, but it can also be useful for those who use Ethernet. Default, the system can deactivate the component to ensure minimum power consumption, so it is necessary to reassign the parameter, which is done in this way:

  1. Open “Starts”. and through a search, go to “Device administrator”..
  2. Here expand the section with network adapters, select asset, click on it by PCM and, via context menu, open in “Properties”..
  3. In the window that appears, you are interested in the tab “Energy management”..
  4. Remove the bookmark from the article “Please allow this device to power off to save energy”.
  5. Apply the changes by clicking “AGREE”..

Subsequently, It is recommended to restart the computer or the router to update the network settings and reconnect. Launch a browser or check network availability using any other convenient option.

Method 2: change the power settings of the wireless LAN adapter

The following instructions are now exclusively for those users who use Wi-Fi to connect to the network. Its essence is to adjust the power settings for maximum performance, so that no failures occur during device operation, including gateway access.

  1. Open “Starts”. and find the application “Control Panel”..
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list to go from there to “Can”..
  3. You will see a list of available patterns. Open favorites settings as main.
  4. Click on the title “Change optional power settings”.
  5. Expand the category “Wireless Network Adapter Configuration”.
  6. Set the power saving parameter to “Maximum performance”.. Then apply the changes and close the window.

Make sure to create a new Windows session by restarting the computer and don't forget the router.

Method 3: manually configure the adapter's IP address

Initially, The IP address of the router in the operating system is obtained automatically through the configuration and parameters of the software. Sometimes, this causes conflicts that lead to network access problems. We recommend doing a manual IP configuration to try to solve the problem.

  1. Open “Starts”. and go to “Choices”.clicking on the corresponding gear icon.
  2. Here is a section that interests you. “Networks and Internet”.
  3. Use the panel on the left to navigate to your connection settings. Select a row based on the type of connection: “Ethernet”. O “Wifi”..
  4. Then click on the line “Configure adapter settings”..
  5. Click on the device connected to the PCM and select “Properties”..
  6. Highlight the line “IP version 4 (TCP / IPv4)” and click the active button “Properties”..
  7. Mark the item with the marker “Use the following IP address”. Look at the label on the back of the router. Look there for the IP address. It usually looks like O Write it on the first line, changing the last digit to an arbitrary number. On the line “Main portal”. enter the received address without modifying it.

If you don't see any results after making changes, it is better to return the configuration as it was before, so that no additional problems occur in the future due to incorrect manual settings.

Method 4: reinstall drivers

The next option is to reinstall the network adapter drivers. Sometimes, the error is due to hardware software not working properly “The default gateway is not available”.. First, you will have to get rid of the old driver and then install the new version. If the error you are commenting on today occurs from time to time and in general the Internet works, Please download the driver before uninstalling the previous version, otherwise you may have trouble downloading the new version of this software. For detailed instructions on how to do this, see another article on our website by clicking the link below.

More information: find and install a network card driver

  1. Open “Device administrator” in the same way as previously commented.
  2. Go to the properties of the network adapter.
  3. In the tab. “Conductor”. go back or select an option “Remove device”if the first option is not available.

It remains to install the latest version of the driver by downloading it from the official site.

Method 5: enable FIPS feature

There are many security technologies present in the Windows operating system to ensure the secure exchange of information. This includes FIPS. This option is related to the network adapter and is responsible for inbound and outbound traffic. If you keep getting a notification that the default gateway is not available when connecting via Wi-Fi, We suggest you enable FIPS for the wireless adapter as follows:

  1. Let's briefly look at an alternative method of navigating to adapter settings. To do this, abra “Start”. and go to “Control Panel”..
  2. Here, go to section “Network and Sharing Center”.
  3. Use the left panel to navigate to the category. “Change adapter parameters”..
  4. Double click the icon for the active wireless network.
  5. Left click on “Wireless network properties”.
  6. Switch to tab “Security”..
  7. Open advanced options.
  8. Mark the marker “Enable Federal Information Processing Standard compliance mode (FIPS) for this network”.

Then, be sure to restart your computer and router for the new settings to take effect and a new setting is created for your internet connection.

Method 6: reboot network

Let's move slowly to radical methods, which should only be done if the above options have not yielded adequate results. The first method is to restart the network, after which it will reconfigure. All this is done automatically, and the user only has to execute the corresponding operation.

  1. Go to “Choices”. through the menu “Start”..
  2. This is where you are interested in the article. “Networks and Internet”.
  3. Through the left panel, select a category. “Condition”..
  4. Click on the link “restarting the network”..
  5. Confirm the start of the reboot process. The computer will restart automatically and the settings will be updated.

Method 7: restore system files

The penultimate method of our article today is to restore system files through the tools built into the operating system.. The first one is called SFC and it will automatically verify and restore the integrity of certain objects. Use a tool called DISM to run another type of verification in case the SFC fails. You can read everything you can about it in the material below. If some files are to be restored, check if the gateway is available again.

Read more: Using and restoring system file integrity checks in Windows 10

Method 8: Restore Windows

In the end, we want to talk about restoring the operating system. You only need to do this if none of the above has worked correctly. It is quite possible that the problems with the default gateway started only due to an irreversible failure of the operating system. Then, the situation can only be corrected by resetting the default settings. Another author wrote about this on our site in the following article.

Read more: Restore Windows 10 to its original state

Now you know all the ways to solve the problem. “The default gateway is not available” In Windows 10. As you can see, each option has a different level of effectiveness and a different algorithm of actions. Use them in turns to quickly find the right solution.

We are glad we were able to help you with your problem..

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