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Every day hundreds of videos are uploaded to youTube video hosting site, but not all videos are available for all users to watch. Sometimes, by decision of the State authorities or the rightholder, residents of certain countries cannot watch the videos. Despite this, there are several simple ways to bypass this lock and view the desired recording. Let's see them all in more detail.

Watch blocked YouTube videos on your computer

Very often, this problem occurs for users of the full version of the site on a computer. In the mobile app, videos are blocked a little differently. If you go to the page and receive a notification that the user who uploaded the video has banned it in their country, do not despair, because there are several solutions to this problem.

Method 1: Opera browser

You can only watch a blocked video if you change its location, but you don't have to pack your bags and move around, just use VPN technology. With your help, a logical network is created by means of the Internet and, for this case, the IP address is changed. The Opera browser has such a built-in function and is activated as soon as possible:

  1. Launch your web browser, go to the menu and select “Settings”..
  2. In the security section, search for the post “VPN”. and check the boxes next to “Enable VPN”. and “Avoid VPNs on search engines by default”.
  3. There is now an icon to the left of the address bar. “VPN”. Click on it and move the slider to the value “Switched on”..
  4. Select the best location to provide the best connection.

Now you can open YouTube and watch the blocked videos without restrictions.

More information: Secure VPN Technology Connection in Opera

Method 2: Tor browser

Tor Browser is known by many users as the most anonymous web browser, enabling you to browse websites that are not indexed by standard search engines. Despite this, if you understand the principle of your work, it turns out that for an anonymous connection you use a string of ip addresses, where each link is an active Tor user. Thanks to this, you can simply download this browser on your computer, run it and enjoy watching the necessary video, that was previously blocked.

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Method 3: browser extension

If you want to bypass video blocking without using additional browsers while in your favorite web browser, you will need to install a special VPN extension that changes your location. Let's take a look at one of the representatives of this type of utility, the Browsec plugin in the Google Chrome example.

  1. Go to the extension page in Google's official online store and click “Install on pc”..
  2. Confirm the action by selecting “Install extension”..
  3. The Browsec icon will now be added to the respective panel to the right of the address bar. To configure and run the VPN, you will need to click on the icon and choose “Protect me.”.
  4. The Netherlands is automatically specified by default, but you can choose any other country from the list. The closer you are to your actual location, faster the connection will be.

Browsec's installation principle is more or less the same, and read more about it in our posts.

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Method 4: greeting extension

Not all users will be comfortable with Browsec, so let's take a look at its Hello counterpart. The principle of operation of these two extensions is the same, but the connection speeds and the choice of connection addresses are slightly different. Let's describe the installation and configuration procedure of Hola in the Google Chrome browser example:

  1. Go to the official page of the extension in the Google online store and click on “Install on pc”..
  2. confirm the action and wait for the installation to complete.
  3. The Hello icon will appear in the extensions panel. Click on it to open the settings menu. Here, select the most appropriate country.

Now all you need to do is go to YouTube and run the previously blocked video. If it is not already enabled, you will need to restart your browser and choose the country you want to connect to again. Read more about installing Hola in browsers in our posts.

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Watch blocked videos on the YouTube mobile app

As mentioned previously, the principle of blocking videos in the full version of the site and in the mobile app is slightly different. If you see an alert on your computer that a video has been blocked, the app just doesn't show up in searches or doesn't open when you click on the link. Special apps that create a connection via VPN can help you fix this. As an example, let's look at NordVPN. To create a connection through it, you only have to perform a few simple steps:

Download NordVPN from Google Play Market

  1. Go to Play Market, type a search for “NordVPN”. and click “Install on pc”. or use the link above.
  2. Launch the installed application and click on the tab “Fast connection”..
  3. Select one of the available servers on the map and establish a connection.
  4. To connect you will need a quick registration, you just need to enter your email and password.

The NordVPN app has several advantages: offers a large number of servers worldwide, provides the fastest possible connection and connection failures are very rare, unlike other similar programs.

If this option does not suit you, we suggest you read our other post, which discusses the principle of using another application and also explains how to do without third-party applications (this option is more complicated and longer, but it will adapt to all those who do not want or cannot install special software).

More information: How to set up a VPN connection on Android devices

We've looked at some alternatives to bypass video blocking on YouTube and its mobile app. As you see, there is nothing complicated, the whole procedure is done in a few clicks and you can immediately run the previously blocked video.

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