Where is the Applications tab in iTunes or how to access the App Store in iTunes on your computer? 3 shapes


Where is the Applications tab in iTunes or how to access the App Store in iTunes on your computer? 3 shapes

One of the main novelties of iOS 11 it has been a radically renewed App Store. The developers changed the interface, reviewed the algorithms for ranking games and programs, as well as Closed access to all the contents of the App Store From desktop operating systems.

Why is the Programs tab missing in iTunes?

In 2017, in anticipation of the release of the final version of iOS 11, a new version of iTunes was released 12.7 for Mac and Windows PC, from which the App Store sections were removed (Programs tab) and Ringtones. For most users, the absence of the app store in the desktop iTunes client is not an obstacle, but for fans of discounts, giveaways and theme selections, this update caused some inconvenience: the opportunity to comfortably search for interesting offers from developers on a large computer. screen and add your favorite apps to your Apple ID account without taking up precious iPhone or iPad memory.

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How to view the Programs tab (App Store section) in the latest version of iTunes

Despite this, it is still possible to browse the contents of the virtual shelves of the App Store on Mac and PC. We accidentally discovered that if you click on this link, the App Store section opens in the iTunes application on your computer.

Despite this, you will not be able to buy or download applications, instead of “Descargar” In recent versions of iTunes, sample “This application is only enabled in the App Store for iOS”.

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How to install an old version of iTunes with an App Store section

Especially for users who prefer to use a computer instead of a mobile device to search and download applications, Apple is distributing an outdated version of iTunes 12.6.3, which includes the App Store and Ringtones sections with the above functionality. Despite this, It should be noted that before installing this version of the program you must completely uninstall the previously installed version.

Retro version of the App Store for the browser.

In addition, there is another unconventional but possible way to navigate the iOS App Store extension on a computer., what we cover in this post.

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