Is artificial intelligence a threat to the world?

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” We create our own demons “

Destructions caused by natural disasters, the harmful effects of rising earth temperatures and depletion of the ozone layer. Everyone is concerned that is why today. Some could be helping to help the cause, while others are not waking up yet. But, Did you ever think that it is important to highlight saving the world by supporting these causes while we try to build another threat to ourselves in the form of AI??

Let's think about the advances that AIML can bring us. You can help us by providing both in the field of healthcare, the army, logistics, the automation industry, interact with nuclear radiation, provide automated analysis reports and many other wonderful applications. But at what price. Did people think while they were extracting oil, natural gas and other natural resources on the harmful results of their applications? No one thought about it because we were all interested in the immediate results that led us to the part where moving forward is another destructive step and taking a step back is leading humanity to reverse evolution..

“Artificial intelligence is the new electricity”

Humanity is vulnerable to threats of even the smallest irregularities like a virus. We could be very excited about the wonderful results of AI. But we must also prepare for the threats it will bring to the world. The damage it is causing and the damage it has already done.

Let's take a very simple scenario:

Y = mX + c

In the above equation, we are all aware that Y is a linearly dependent variable of the term X. But, let's think about me. In the equation, if myc depend on time, this equation after each moment will have a different form. Sometimes, those forms can be so random that we might be aware of the ongoing procedure, but we will not be able to obtain the results that our ML model can have. In this stage, The main point to understand is that even a small modification in an approach can take us beyond the scope of human predictions.. Machine learning is a science-based mathematical approach that will one day be difficult to understand and conquer..

Challenges in AI

AI along with apps bring few unsolved questions:

Job automation

With the introduction of AI-based bots, the fundamental question that was raised was the vacuum it will create in the labor sector. With advances in monitoring systems in industries, we are creating a huge gap in the labor sector by replacing people who work for specific jobs. As an example, most companies are trying to create automated ticket resolution that could be very effective but creates a risk to a person's work. The important question is: Is AIML sufficient to grant enough possibilities to accommodate all?

Data privacy and security

The fundamental aspect of a successful machine learning model is having a huge amount of useful data. But, providing all the information to the answer brings another concern which is how much our data is safe and protected. Is it vulnerable to hacker attacks or is it sufficient to safeguard people's personal information? Security concerns aren't just limited to data privacy with the advancement in cars, the most important question is: Who is liable for damage caused by driverless cars due to complex real life situation?

Biased decisions

Artificial intelligence-based system cannot understand emotions, so when it comes to using the heart in conjunction with the brain, the system may not be considered very successful. Along with the lack of emotions, there are several factors that can result in decisions that are not as efficient as a system biased towards the male factor will eliminate the success that women can bring in that sector. Due to the various minorities present, our system could ignore the relevance of those minorities, resulting in a skewed system. The most important question that occurs is: Who is capable and who is not a system to choose effectively?

Wars and Destructions

With the most advanced AI application, there is also a very important threat associated. Systems based on artificial intelligence can provide the most advanced self-capable weapons. But how we are divided with borders everywhere, these weapons give an advantage to a few developed nations that can run the most advanced weapons system compared to others. This not only gives the advantage to a privileged few, it also provides the opportunity for a world war and other threats to cause the destruction of humanity. Also with the enormous expansion of nuclear energy in the world, a very important question arises: Can we trust a machine to handle the huge nuclear energy?

“The powerful are not those with enormous powers, but those who know how to control them”

AI threat image

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