The best resources to learn text mining

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Para Text Mining and Analytics, we have two good courses, one about coursera and one about eDX.text minig

  • Text mining and analytics (Coursera): This course covers the Main techniques for extracting and analyzing text data. to discover interesting patterns, extract useful knowledge and support decision making, with an emphasis on statistical approaches that can be applied broadly to arbitrary text data in any natural language with little or no human effort.

  • Text mining and analytics (eDX): This course describes a range of business possibilities and solutions focused on the use of text and also identifies sources of competitive intelligence., in text, and provides solutions to analyze and store incoming knowledge. Use real-world case studies, the course provides examples of the most useful statistical and machine learning techniques for handling text data, semantic and social. Then we describe how and what can be inferred from the data, and we discuss useful techniques to visualize and communicate the results to decision makers.

At the same time of the previous courses, you can also check the following posts:

If you find more amazing resources, add them in the comment section below. This is a community driven activity and we appreciate requesting your contribution.

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