Benefits of Using Informatica PowerCenter as an ETL Tool

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Informatica PowerCenter is one of the most powerful data integration solutions available today. The reason it provides one of the best solutions for large companies is twofold:


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  • Informatica PowerCenter is a neutral database and therefore can communicate with any database.
  • Informatica PowerCenter is the most powerful data transformation tool that exist. Convert data from an application to another format

At the same time, Those who choose this Informatica tool know that they can count on its support in scenarios as multiple as:

  1. Data migration: Informatica PowerCenter can transfer existing account information to the new application preserving data lineage and facilitating compliance.
  2. Application integration: When business unification occurs after the acquisition or merger of two businesses, it is essential to ensure the integration of the computer systems of both. With this tool, the procedure is faster and easier
  3. Data storage. With Informatica PowerCenter, you can collect information from a variety of sources, prepare it and make it available for analysis, regardless of its format, data source or type.
  4. Middleware. To that end, Informatica's initiative stands out for its ability to connect a range of sources, it can also be used as middleware between two applications.

How Informatica PowerCenter Works

To understand the potential of an ETL tool like Informatica PowerCenter, should focus on your contribution to different processes:

  1. Extraction: when the information is extracted, the tool makes it possible to read data, row by row, from a table (or group of associated tables), database or file, whatever the format of the font font.
  2. Transformation: Informatica PowerCenter converts rows to a format that can be used by the target system, which guarantees the logic of the conversion.
  3. Load: Once the information transformation procedure has been completed, Informatica PowerCenter writes the data, row by row, to a table in the target file or database.

But nevertheless, The difference between the Informatica initiative and other ETL tools has to do with 5 reasons:

  1. Ability to enable Lean integration. Fit is one of the defining characteristics of the way PowerCenter approaches the onboarding procedure., avoiding waste and maximizing efficiency that ensures optimal use of available resources.
  2. Very high implementation success rate. There is no doubt that one of the aspects to pay attention to when selecting a technology is the implementation. The brand of Informatics seeks the 100% of successful implementationsThis is demonstrated by the renewal rate of its customers, fixed on the 94% and the loyalty rate, close to 92%, standing out above the industry average.
  3. Availability of resources for the software. Training costs are greatly reduced with Informatica PowerCenter, that makes it possible to train teams in a simple way, comfortable, fast and efficient, making all the necessary resources available to companies.
  4. Unbeatable quality-price link. The added technical benefits of Informatica PowerCenter do not increase the price of the tool, contrary to what happens with its competitors in the market. At the same time, Informatica has focused on the user experience by ensuring connectivity, ease of use, debugging and reuse.
  5. internal programmer. Unlike most ETL tools; that require an external programmer, PowerCenter does not enforce this requirement.

Those who have already tried Informatica PowerCenter have had a chance to experience its Main benefits:

  • Parallel processing and load balancing.
  • Linear scalability and high availability, confirming that it is a cost effective solution that provides the network option to meet the high demand for processing.
  • Excellent interfaces for administration, ETL design, task scheduling, session monitoring and debugging, among other tasks.
  • Ability to easily adopt and integrate with the data management functionality used in the company.
  • Access to a wide range of business data sources ranging from relational data, mainframe and file-based, unstructured data, XML, third-party application data and message queues.
  • A single web-based point of control for applications across the company, an attribute that guarantees a high degree of security while minimizing essential administration activities.

The ETL Sandbox Powered by Informatica PowerCenter

Informatica PowerCenter is a powerful ETL tool that, based on a unified enterprise data integration platform framework, enables you to enter, discover and integrate data from almost any business system.

In an ETL test environment, Informatica coverage could be:

  • Workflow maintenance Informatica and its components; ensuring the progress of all transformations used in the underlying mappings.
  • Data loss prevention. The integrity of the data is not compromised at any time, since the projected data is loaded to the destination without any truncation or corruption.
  • Possibility of the procedure. The data can be uploaded to the destination within the estimated time limits, ensuring optimal work performance at all times.
  • Quality of the information. It is a priority aspect to maintain the trust of users in the business information system and, therefore, supposes a priority for Informatica that, con PowerCenter, ensures that the workflow does not allow invalid or unwanted data to be uploaded to the destination.

Informatica PowerCenter enables any company to perform end-to-end ETL operations, with full quality guarantees, integrity, security and punctuality. Do you already have a tool for your extraction processes, transformation and loading? Do you need to minimize errors and risk in your business data projects?

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