Process management, What makes it so important?

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For any company, organization and perseverance are two aspects of great relevance, but none of this can be achieved if there is no established order within the company. Thus, to achieve this order we must perform the administration by processes. It is a function that the vast majority of companies perform and that is very effective, since it will help us to establish the role that each employee should take charge. With that, we can Satisfy more satisfactorily both the needs of the clients and those of our own workers., at the same time knowing your expectations.


As we see, process management is essential within a company and is considered one of the most important functions we can do. There are several methods Through which we can achieve order, how to determine an organization chart that allows us to contribute to the business what it needs.

The relevance of process management lies in the many benefits that it offers us. First, One of the most important advantages is that it enables us to globalize all the sectors that are part of the company. This leads to the creation of a single department without having to work independently in its different divisions.. In this way we will make the work done much more fluid., improving communication between workers.

All companies that make use of process management have achieved higher productivity Y your earnings have increased thanks to higher performance. It should also be noted that with the administration of processes the resources used and, especially, the time that has been devoted to carrying out the different phases. As final limit, makes it much easier to track customers.

What are the keys to process management?

For process management to work properly, pay attention to some fundamental keys that will make this operation excellent. To start, we have to talk about the direction of the company, that must have an absolute commitment, since you should know that process management is essential. This way of thinking must also spread among workers.

Proper training for both process management and the tools to be used should be paramount. Of course, to manage processes well, must be analyzed independently, one by one to later achieve that unification that we have already mentioned. At the same time, between all these processes, a classification will have to be made, giving priority to some of them that we consider most important. In summary, you must create a link between processes. In the, there will be a map where everything that is used in these processes can be easily visualized so that the administration is perfect and the level of quality is maintained.

Items and parts of process management

Within the administration of processes we can differentiate several parts for its elaboration. Each of them has its own characteristic items:

  • Level 0: Organization (macro procedure)
    It is the starting point of process management. We can say that everything that needs to be done is organized in it in a global part known as macroprocess. Here the strategies to be carried out are defined, related processes and activities to be carried out.
  • Level 1: Processes
    At this level are the resources and activities that are going to be carried out and that are related to each other to achieve the objective.. We can distinguish between three types of processes: strategic, keys and brackets. The former study the needs, the latter are in charge of adding value to meet the objectives and the latter are providers of resources for the company.
  • Level 2: Threads
    These are activities that will be carried out sequentially to achieve the goal of the whole procedure.

Regarding the phases of the administration by processes, We can comment that in the first place it is necessary to analyze the situation from which. Then it is necessary to analyze the value chain and later redesign the processes. In summary, follow-up through specific corporate measures. Once we have the design of the measurements, it will be essential to apply them, analyze the results that have been obtained and finally take the appropriate decisions to try to improve these results to the maximum.

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