Microsoft 365 vs G Suite: Comparison 2020

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Do you need a business email address and still don't know whether to go for G Suite or Microsoft 365? Or maybe you are looking for a comparison between the two to find out which is better? Tanto G Suite (Google Apps antes) like microsoft 365 (antes Office 365) they are great options for this and much more.

What is Microsoft 365 and G Suite and why they matter to a company?

Generally, after creating a web portal, the logical thing is to get a professional email address. And the best thing is that it is such that [email protected]. And these two services offer it, at the same time file storage, calendar, grades, video conferencing tools, etc.

  • For G Suite, includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Calendar, Keep, Hangouts and other Google apps.
  • In the case of Microsoft 365, incluye Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, Teams, Power Bi and other Microsoft applications.

As a positive point, using productivity suites in the cloud saves money on software license maintenance, facilities, running an IT department … Thus, all data is stored in the cloud, making it easy to remotely access files. with any device.

Microsoft pricing 365 y G Suite

Both suites give access to professional business tools right out of the box, so it is feasible to expand according to the growth of the company. Evidently, the price is an aspect to pay attention to when deciding on one or another suite, since the ideal is to select the answer that best fits the budget.

Microsoft pricing 365

Microsoft 365 has three pricing plans:

  • Basic company: 4,20 € per user per month.
  • Standard company: 10,50 € per user per month.
  • Premium Company: 16,90 € per user per month.

Each plan includes certain services, so it is advisable to search the web to discover them all.

G Suite pricing

G Suite It also has three pricing plans:

  • BASIC: 4,68 € per user per month.
  • Deal: 9,36 € per user per month.
  • Company: 23 € per user per month.

As in the previous case, depending on the plan, more or less services are included, so it is advisable to consult their website to know them all.

As you can see, prices for Microsoft plans 365 are more affordable than G Suite.

Microsoft feature comparison 365 vs G Suite

Both services offer a multitude of useful functions for companies. Next we will see some of the main.

1. Email profesional

One of its strong points, as mentioned previously, is the creation of professional email accounts with your own domain name.

  • Microsoft 365: Outlook for companies. The Microsoft suite makes it possible for you to create professional email addresses with your own domain name very easily.. At the same time, offers up 400 email aliases for each user.
  • G Suite: Gmail for companies. The Google suite enables you to register a domain name or use an existing domain name to create email accounts. You can also create up to 30 email aliases for each user.

Considering that Microsoft 365 has until 400 email aliases for each user and that G Suite only has 30 … the winner of this section is clear.

2. Cloud file storage and sharing

File storage is one of the main reasons to use a cloud productivity suite. Files can be saved to and accessed from anywhere with any device and can be used easily.

Microsoft 365: OneDrive and SharePoint cloud storage

Microsoft suite offers 1 TB of cloud storage for each user on One Drive, even when they have plans to do it unlimited. To share information you can also use SharePoint, what offers 1 TB for the whole company and adds 10 GB for each user. At the same time, each user receives 50 GB of email storage, regardless of drive storage limit.

With Microsoft 365 you can also store and manage files through desktop applications, mobile and web. At the same time, can be easily synced and shared.

G Suite: Google Drive cloud storage

The Google suite offers 30 GB of cloud storage for each user with the basic plan and unlimited storage with business and business plans.

With G Suite you can store and manage files and access them even without having an Internet connection. At the same time, it is possible to share the files with anyone very easily, simply adjusting your edit permissions.

A) Yes, Microsoft's basic plan 365 already offers 1 TB of cloud storage by default, while G Suite does not exceed 30 GB.

3. Business applications in Office 365 y G Suite

The two suites have different applications to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and much more. Of course, you can edit files from these applications directly in the cloud.

Applications in Office 365

Microsoft 365 provides access to recognized applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote. But it also includes OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, Power BI, Planner, Everything, Stream, etc. Therefore, It is recommended for those users who use Windows or Mac, since they are very recognized tools. They have a desktop version, that you can use without an internet connection, and they also have a web version, in case you use linux, and applications for Android and iOS.

Applications in G Suite

G Suite offers popular Google apps like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Presentations, Calendar, Chat, Meet, Hangouts, Google Keep, etc. These applications tend to work better on their desktop versions., even though Google has mobile applications for Android and iOS.

In this circumstance, we could talk about Microsoft 365 lapsed, since it has many more applications and covers more needs.

4. Collaboration tools at Microsoft 365 frente a G Suite

Probably one of the main reasons companies use cloud-based office suites is to aid collaboration..

Collaboration tools at Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has positioned itself as a leader in collaboration, Gartner named it the number one collaboration tool. Of course, files can be shared, multiple users can work on the same document simultaneously and leave notes, comments or suggestions.

At the same time, this suite includes Teams, so we can collaborate, with messages, calls or video conferences, among all the people of the companies, and at the same time, we can integrate our phone number into it, so we can have the phone wherever we are. Go.

Collaboration tools in G Suite

Two of the most used collaboration tools are Hangouts and Meet for video conferencing and text messages., allowing you to chat and have live meetings with multiple people at the same time. At the same time, G Suite enables different users to work on a file at the same time.

In the same way as in the previous point, Microsoft takes this chapter. And is that right now, Microsoft Teams has a huge advantage over its competitors.

5. Microsoft Security 365 frente a G Suite

Security is another concern of any business. Therefore, both suites have high standards in this area.

Microsoft security features 365

Microsoft 365 enables you to enable multi-factor authentication for all user passwords. At the same time, uses its own artificial intelligence tools (HE) to understand users' work habits and thus detect suspicious activities. Of course, user access may be restricted.

This suite includes a data loss prevention tool to protect against data theft and leaks, as well as the use of spam detection tools, Microsoft virus and malware to scan all documents, emails and attachments.

With Microsoft 365, we comply with GDPR, since all data is stored on servers within Europe. This is true for all licenses.

G Suite security features

G Suite, which is based on the Google Cloud infrastructure, uses the same security standards as Google. Include automatic detection of suspicious activities, phishing attempts, piracy, different policies can be determined to prevent unauthorized access, etc.

At the same time, G Suite has a data leak protection feature where you can determine keywords to block any outgoing communication. It also has built-in spam detection, virus and malware that scans documents and attachments.

With Google Suite we have to check that not all licenses comply with the RGPD, since in the basic, do not guarantee that the data will be stored in Europe.

In this section, both suites set the bar very high. It should come as no surprise that security is an extremely important chapter for both Microsoft and Google., given that they are two of the largest technology companies in the world. But when it comes to data protection, Microsoft is one step ahead.

What is better between Office 365 y G Suite?

Choosing the right collaboration platform can significantly increase productivity. Nowadays, the ability to work remotely, exchanging files and communicating via video conferencing and chat applications is crucial.

Both Microsoft 365 how G Suite offer these options, but considering that at the email and storage level, the first one wins, this is probably the winner.

Y, even though it is often said that Microsoft 365 is best suited for enterprise-level companies where all workers work with a Windows PC, the reality is that this suite can be used in other ecosystems in the same way as G Suite.

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