the CELL function


Welcome back to our usual blog of Excel functions from A to Z. Today we look at the CELL function.

The CELL function

Con nuestra serie A t Z of Excel Functions, could argue that we've been trying to make a CELL (Get it?). We are well and truly in the high Cs now and the puns don't get any better. Ah good…

The CELL The function returns information about the format, the location or content of a cell. As an example, if you want to verify that a cell contains a numeric value instead of text before performing a calculation on it, you can use the following formula:

= YES (CELL (“writes”, A1) = “v”, A1 * 2, 0)

This formula calculates A1* 2 only if cell A1 contains a numeric value and returns 0 and A1 contains text or is blank. The CELL The function uses the following syntax to operate:

CELL (info_type, [reference])

The CELL The function has the following arguments:

  • Information_type: This is required. This is a text value that specifies what kind of cell information you want to return. The next list shows the possible values ​​of the Info_type argument and corresponding results:
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