How can I find out the year of manufacture of my Mac (MacBook, iMac, Mac mini)?

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Even if you are satisfied with your Mac, there are many reasons why you suddenly want to know your year of manufacture. As an example, you are preparing to install the latest version of macOS, you are preparing to market your computer to buy a new one or decided to fix some problems. Whatever the reason, there are several alternatives to find out how old your Mac is and what generation it belongs to, as he constantly mentions Apple terminology.

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You may already know, but the age of your Mac is not the same as when you bought it. As an example, a new computer bought from 2018 it won't necessarily be a Mac 2018. It can be a model of 2015.

What we would call “age” it's actually the same year, when this model was introduced by Apple. Any computer you buy from Apple has certain specifications that apply to that particular model in that particular year..

And to get the model, The identification and specification part number of any MacBook Pro, Air, iMac from Mac mini, go to this page.

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How to determine the year of manufacture of a Mac on a computer that is turned on

If you have a working Mac that has at least started, you can find out your year of manufacture in less than a minute.

Click on the Apple icon in the menu bar and select “Regarding this Mac“.

That is all! In the tab information “General description”, you will see the year of manufacture of your Mac along with its type in the first line of the computer description. As you can see in this screenshot, my iMac was launched on 2019.

This is quite a useful screen, since it contains detailed information that you need for other purposes. As an example, here you can see the serial number of your computer, the amount of RAM installed in it and the processor model. If you want to get the model ID of your Mac, click on “System report …

The left sidebar will show the available teams, but if not, expand the list by clicking “Hardware“. This will allow you to see what hardware is installed on your Mac with the exact model ID and other information.

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On a Mac that doesn't work.

If your Mac can't be used and you can't turn it on, it will take a little longer to determine how old your computer is. But you can still find out the result.

At the bottom of the back of the case (on an iMac, as an example, at the back of the “pata”), the computer's serial number and possibly the model number are written in small print. You must type them and then open a browser on your iPhone, iPad or wherever.

If you find the model number, you can use one of the links above for your Mac type. Model ID will let you know how old you are.

If you only have the serial number, go to the Apple Check product page. Enter the serial number available in the field, enter the code to verify that it is human and click “Keep going”.. Then, you will see the information with the year of manufacture of your Mac.

Another alternative to obtain information on a Mac that does not work is the factory packaging of a device purchased on the day. But this is doable if you still have it. If you are lucky enough to find the box, look for the device serial number on the barcode or check the purchase receipt, at the bill.

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