anonymoX: an extension for Google Chrome that provides anonymity on the Internet

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Recently, special tools have become especially popular to ensure anonymity on the Internet, which allows you to freely visit blocked sites and not disseminate unnecessary information about you. For Google Chrome browser, one of these add-ons is anonymoX.

AnonymoX is a browser anonymizer add-on that allows you to freely visit web resources blocked by the system administrator at your workplace and inaccessible in the country.

How to install anonymoX?

The installation procedure of anonymoX is exactly the same as for any other Google Chrome add-on.

You can use the download link at the end of this post to go directly to the anonymoX extension, or you can locate the anonymoX extension yourself. For this, click on the menu button of your browser and, in the list that appears, go to “Additional tools: Extensions.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link. “More extensions”..

The extension store will be displayed with a search box in the left area. Enter the name of the extension you are looking for there: "anonymoX" and press the Enter key.

The extension we are looking for will appear as the first element on the screen. Add it to your browser by clicking on the button on the right “Install on pc..

After a few moments, the anonymoX extension will install correctly in your browser, as indicated by the icon in the upper right corner.

How is anonymoX used?

AnonymoX is an extension that allows you to change your real IP address by connecting to a proxy server.

To configure the add-in, click the anonymoX icon in the upper right corner. a small menu will appear with the following options:

1. Select the country's IP address;

2. Activating the add-in.

If the add-in operation is disabled, move the slider at the bottom of the window from the “Off” in position “Upon”.

Then, you will have to choose a country. If you need to choose a proxy server for a specific country, expand “Country”. and select the desired country. There are three countries available in the extension: Holland, England and the United States.

Right on the column. “Identify” all you need to do is connect to the proxy server. Generally, there are multiple proxy servers available for each country. This is in case a proxy server fails, so you can connect to another immediately.

This completes the extension setup, which means that you can proceed to anonymous web browsing. From now on, all previously inaccessible web resources will open in peace.

Download anonymoX for Google Chrome for free

Download the latest version of the program from the official web portal

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