Cardio: heart rate or how to measure your heart rate with your iPhone without buying additional devices

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Recently, Cupertinos has focused on creating software to capture physiological readings from users. This has been especially noted with the launch of the Apple Watch.. Third-party mobile app makers haven't lagged behind new trends.

Download Cardio: Heart Rate Monitor (App Store)

Even the cheapest Chinese devices in the portable electronic device category can more or less bearably measure the user's heart rate., but they are not suitable for everyone. If your hand is occupied by an expensive mechanical watch, or you don't want to drain your battery on a constant Bluetooth connection, can measure your heart rate, if required, and with the help of a free app.

♥ ABOUT THE SUBJECT: What should be the heart rate of a healthy person and how to measure it.

When installing Cardiio from the App Store, you will have to scroll through a couple of long pages of English text, detailing that the authors of the application do not ensure sufficient measurement precision to draw conclusions, and that the user should not use the program for medical purposes. In other words, if there is a cardiac obstacle, the data from the Cardio app should not work, as an example, as a reason to take or stop taking the medicine.

♥ ABOUT THE SUBJECT: How to count steps, distance and calories on your iPhone without buying additional accessories and apps.

How to take heart rate with iPhone

Principal function Cardio – compare heart rate at rest and after physical activity. The application works on the following principle: the user's face or finger covers the smartphone camera and the program accurately measures the amount of light reaching the matrix, that changes when the body trembles during the heartbeat.

Very equivalently, astronomers detect the presence of exoplanets in distant star systems by measuring the number of photons emanating from the luminary, some of which are captured by the planet with the periodicity of its orbital flight.

Once you get your measurements, the app shows the available deviation of the means for your age and weight, and save your history. The extended version (payment) offers additional functions, as a heart rate graph or life expectancy prediction (as long as, of course, the user is not hit by a truck the next day).

The developers have endowed the program not only with a heart rate measurement function, but in addition to a training program without costs of 7 minutes.

Download the app. Cardio from the App Store has no cost. Any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with the current version of iOS is suitable to install the program.

Download Cardio: Heart Rate Monitor (App Store)

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