Check the car by VIN, or how to find out the history and CTS, PTS when buying a car

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The Russian State Automobile Inspectorate has updated its online service for vehicle information. Previously, with your help, users could find out if the police authorities did not want a car and if its registration was not subject to restrictions. Since then, there are several new tools available.

First, from now on it will be possible to consult the registration history of a vehicle. In addition, information will be available on accidents in which the vehicle may have been involved and which have been registered by the traffic police..

How to check the VIN history of a car in Russia for free

The verification mechanism is exceptionally simple. It is necessary to open the site of the State Automobile Inspection and choose the tab “Services“Menu option”Vehicle inspection”O follow this link. In the field that appears, enter Number VI vehicle, the service will provide information on the resale of the vehicle, your enrollment date, as well as the possible implication in accidents and the damages registered in connection with the same.

The service will be very helpful to prospective second-hand car buyers, Who, as an example, they will be able to quickly inquire about the number of owners of the vehicle. At the same time, Sellers will be able to verify online that the new owner has re-registered the vehicle.

Checking a car as collateral at the bank by the VIN

You can check the presence of the vehicle in the Register of Notices of Pledge of Personal Property on the web Federal Chamber of Notaries. To do this, go to Search the registry and select a subsection For information on bonusesand then enter the vehicle's VIN in the text field of the tab Vehicle and press the button. Circumstances.

Detailed Vehicle History Check by VIN for Moscow Residents (CTC, PTS and registration verification)

Good news for Muscovites who want to buy a used car. From now on it is possible to verify the vehicle through the technical passport number, the registration certificate and identification number (WINE) on the Official Portal of the Mayor and Government of Moscow.

Since September 2017, Anyone can obtain information on a vehicle or other means of transport registered in the capital or in the Moscow region on the web portal At the same time, Other services have been promised that may be helpful to those planning to buy a used car and want to protect themselves from unpleasant surprises.

Knowing the serial number of a vehicle, can find out how many times it was sold, how many people owned it and how long it was in the possession of the former owners. To check, enter the number and serial of the technical passport in the respective field and click on “To check”.

From the vehicle registration certificate and chassis number, you can get information about whether the car is registered with the traffic police and whether it has been illegally repainted. At the same time, the new services can provide information on the validity of the vehicle's passport (PTS), as well as information about the car such as its model, year of production, body color and type, engine displacement and capacity, weight, etc. .

Please note that the services will be useful not only to potential buyers, but also for those who have already sold the car. As an example, he has sold his car, but the fines keep coming. The portal will help you solve the problem. The site will also tell you what to do if the information in the documents does not correspond to the real characteristics of the car..

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