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On most Internet sites, which is especially true in the case of social media, among which is Instagram, the email address is a fundamental element, that makes it possible not only to log in, but also recover data. lost data. Despite this, in some circumstances, old mail may become irrelevant, so it is necessary to replace it in time with a new one. In this post, we will cover this procedure.

How to change your Instagram email

You can perform the email address change procedure on any existing version of Instagram, as it suits you. Despite this, in all cases, change action needs confirmation.

Method 1: app

In the Instagram mobile app, you can perform the email change procedure through the general configuration section. Despite this, any such change is easily reversible.

  1. Launch the app and click the icon on the bottom bar “Profile”., highlighted in screenshot.
  2. After going to your personal page, use the button “Edit profile”. next to the name.
  3. In the section that opens, find and click the line “Email address”..
  4. Use the editable text box to specify a new email and press the check mark in the upper right corner of the screen.

    If the change is successful, you will be redirected to the previous page where you will be notified to confirm your email.

  5. However you want, You can even go to the web version of the email service, open the email and touch “Confirm”. O “Confirm”. This will make the new email the main one on your account.

    Note: The last mailbox will also receive an email, click on the link you only need to click one click to restore your email.

The steps outlined should not cause any problems, so we conclude this instruction and we wish you good luck in the email address change procedure.

Method 2: web portal

In a computer, the main and most convenient version of Instagram is the official web portal, offering almost all the functions of the mobile app. This includes the ability to edit profile data, including linked email address.

  1. In your web browser, open the Instagram web portal and in the upper right corner of the page, Click on the icon “Profile”..
  2. Next to the user's name, Press the button “Edit profile”..
  3. Here you must change to the tab “Edit profile”. and find the block “Email address”.. Click the left mouse button and specify a new email address.
  4. Subsequently, scroll down the page and click “To send.”.
  5. With the key. “F5” or the context menu of the browser, reload the page. Next to the field “Email address”. click on “Confirm Email Address”.
  6. Go to the email service with the desired email and in the Instagram email click on “Confirm Email Address”.

    An email will be sent to the above address to notify you and allow you to undo the changes.

By using the official Instagram application for Windows 10, the procedure to change the email is similar to the previous one with minor adjustments. Following the instructions provided, you can change your email one way or another in both situations.


We have done our best to describe the procedure for changing your Instagram post both on the web portal and via the mobile app in as much detail as possible.. If you have any questions about the subject, do not hesitate to ask us in the comments.

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