How to update Instagram on your computer

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Instagram developers regularly introduce innovations to their service, Bringing exciting new features. And so you can enjoy all the features and settings, make sure you have the latest version of Instagram, also on your computer.

Update Instagram on your computer

Then, we will see all the current methods to update Instagram on your computer.

Method 1: Official Windows app

Users of Windows version 8 and above have access to the Microsoft Store app store, from where you can download the official version of Instagram.

Automatic update

First, Let's consider the option to automatically update the app, when the computer will independently check for updates, and, if required, will install them. All you need to do is to make sure that the respective feature is activated.

  1. Start Microsoft Store. In the upper right corner, Select the three-dot button, and then go to “Settings”..
  2. In the window that appears, Make sure you have the option “Update apps automatically”.. If required, Make your changes and close the settings window. From now on, all installed Windows Store apps will be updated automatically.

Manual update

Some users prefer to intentionally disable the auto-update feature. In this circumstance, you can keep Instagram updated by checking for updates manually.

  1. Open Microsoft Store. In the upper right corner, Click the triple dot icon and select “Downloads and updates”..
  2. In the new window, Click the button “Get updates.”.
  3. The system will start checking for updates for installed applications. If you find it, The download procedure will begin. If required, Cancel the download of unnecessary updates by selecting the cross icon on the right side of the app.

Method 2: Android emulator

Many users prefer the official answer of Instagram for Windows to the Android emulator with the app installed from Google Play. This is because, decidedly, to that in terms of functionality, the desktop version of Instagram is significantly lower than the mobile version.

Since downloading apps on Android emulator (BlueStacks, Andy and others) is done through the Google Play store, then the update of all installations will be done through it. Let's take a closer look at this procedure in the BlueStacks program example.

Auto-update applications

To avoid wasting time installing updates for applications added to the emulator, Turn on automatic update checker.

  1. Start Bluestax. At the top, Open the “Application Center”., and then select the “Go to Google Play”..
  2. In the upper-left corner of the window, click the menu button.
  3. Select a post “Settings”..
  4. In the window that opens, and a “Automatic application update”..
  5. Configure the desired parameter: “Always”. O “Only wifi.”.

Manual Instagram update

  1. Start Blustax emulator. At the top of the window, select the tab “Application Center”.. In the window that appears, click on “Go to Google Play”..
  2. Once on the main page of the app store, Select the menu icon on the left side of the window. In the list that appears, open section “My apps & games”..
  3. In the tab. “Upgrades”. Display apps for which updates have been detected. To install the latest version of Instagram, Select the button next to it “Empower”. (In our example, no updates for Instagram, so the application is not in the list).

Method 3: refresh the page in the browser

Instagram also has a web version, that offers the basic functions when working with the service: Search for pages, to subscribe, View photos and videos, Share comments, etc. In order to follow the changes that occur on the site in time, as an example , If you expect a new comment from your interlocutor, You need to refresh the page in your browser.

In general, The principle of updating pages in different browsers is the same: You can use the button near the address bar or press the shortcut key F5 (O Ctrl + F5 To force an update without cache).

And to avoid manually updating pages, Automate the procedure. Previously on our site we discussed in detail how to do it for different browsers.

Read more: How to enable auto-update pages in the Google Chrome browser, Opera, Mozilla Firefox

We hope our recommendations helped you with updating Instagram on your computer.

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