How to update gta 5 ps4?

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How to update gta 5 ps4? Grand Theft Auto V is what the initials GT5 stand for. This is a game created by Rockstar North with great popularity at the moment. In reality, this game is considered one of the most successful ever developed. At 24 hours of its launch, had accumulated more than a billion dollars in profits.

This game includes content extremely violent and vulgar language, so it is only allowed for people over 18 years. It's about getting money anyway, so you can rob stores, supermarkets, banks, armored trucks. At the same time, you will be able to face gangs and assassinate your enemies in the procedure.

Found in most current video game platforms, like xbox 360, Xbox One, from the PlayStation 3 up to the most current and for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Besides, is set in Los Santos, city ​​that was inspired by Southern California and Los Angeles in the United States.

Get the latest version of the game

Now, if you have started your adventure in GT5, you should know that the game It is updated from time to time, since its creators always have something new for users. New weapons, equipment, new means of transport such as motorcycles or planes with new designs and many more objects.

To apply this update on your PlayStation 4, You only have to read the instructions that I leave you below:

  1. The first thing you have to do is start your PlayStation console 4 and enter the account where you play gt5
  2. Scroll to menu play and locate GT5.
  3. When pressed, a window will appear on the right side of the screen. The first option that you will be able to read corresponds to “Search for updates”. Enter it.
  4. The console will start searching for them while viewing the message “Wait a minute”.
  5. Once the system has located a new update, will inform you of the following: “There is a new update file available for this application” Y “To check the status of the update file download, select Notifications> Downloads ”.
  6. Below this message, you will see the buttons “To accept” Y “Go to Downloads”.
  7. Subsequently, you must leave this space and go to “downloads”, pressing the second button.
  8. In this section you will see the game logo next to a percentage bar that will indicate the progress of the game update. You can indicate that this is paused until the moment you decide start the update.
  9. Press on the bar and it will start immediately. In the progress bar you will find information about the weight of the update and how much is being downloaded, at the same time of the time it will take, as it advances. advanced this update.
  10. The latest GT5 update for PS4 weighed in on 7 gigabytes approximately.
  11. You can pause the update at any time by clicking on the progress bar.

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