How to redeem the Fortnite code?


How to redeem the Fortnite code? There are two methods you can use to redeem a purchase code in Fortnite, What are they: the Epic Games launcher and via the Epic Games web portal Store web portal.

How to redeem the Fortnite code through Epic Games Launcher?

We suggest you follow these instructions:

  • First open the Epic Games launcher, then log into your Epic Games account.
  • Next, click on your name, located at the bottom of the left side.
  • After, click the icon that says Redeem code.
  • Proceed to write the Code and then click Redeem.
  • After you should get a message what does it say “the code was successfully redeemed”, followed by one click to go back to home page to go back to launcher home page and that's it, very easy.

How to redeem the Fortnite code on the Epic Games Store?

  • Proceed to open your Internet browser, subsequently Enterokay and click here, Following proceed to login on your Epic Games account where you want to redeem the code.
  • In case you are not logged in, proceed to hover over your name which is in the upper right and later click on Redeem code. Then enter the code and proceed to click on Redeem.
  • In the same way as in the detailed procedure above, you should get a message tell him “the code was successfully redeemed”, subsequently the game should be usable in your Epic Games startup file.

Now, we will show you what are the creator codes of Epic Games.

Well, it is a system that makes it easier for you to earn money with which will be able to buy objects In: Fortnite, Rocket League, Epic Games Store.

Requirements that you must meet to obtain a creator code in Fortnite

First, must meet the required requirements, such as:

  • Be older than 13 years, even though depending on the country of origin the age may vary. But You should have the authorization of your legal representative.
  • I have to speak english so that you can give the different information of the Epic Games tax request.
  • Similar, you have to have more than 1000 followers in any of the social networks like: Facebook, Twiter, Youtube, among others and still have an Epic Games account.

What is Wildcart code?

It is a mixed package per Skin and two unlocker styles used to modify its appearance, the only way to get the Wildcat Skin in Fortnite, it is buying the Nintendo Change Fortnite Wildcat package.

How can you redeem the Fortnite Wildcat code?

First, you must restart the console, later he sees the Nintendo E-Shop. Redeem the code, subsequently precede to enter the code via Fullpass and that's all you need to do. As you will see, it is simple and easy to redeem the different codes that Fortnite has. So if you didn't know, take advantage now to redeem your codes in Fortnite.

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