How to tell if your iPhone is charging or already charged


How to tell if your iPhone is charging or already charged

Like most modern smartphones, the iPhone has never been known for its long battery life on a single charge. Therefore, Users are forced to connect their devices to a charger. This begs the question.: How to tell if your phone is charging or already charged?

iPhone charging signals

Then, we will see some signs that will tell you if your iPhone is nowadays connected to the charger. These will depend on whether the smartphone is on or off..

When iPhone is on.

  • Beeps or vibrations. If sound is enabled on your phone, You will hear a distinctive beep when you plug in the load. This will indicate that the battery power procedure has started successfully. If there is no sound on your smartphone, The operating system will notify you with a short vibration signal;
  • Battery indicator. Look at the top right corner of your smartphone screen: There you will see a battery level indicator. When the device is plugged in, This indicator will turn green and an icon with lightning to its right will appear.;
  • Lock screen. Turn on your iPhone to bring up the lock screen. For a few seconds, just below the clock, A message appears “Load”. and the percentage level.

With iPhone turned off.

If the smartphone has been disconnected due to a totally drained battery, Once the charger is connected, will not be activated immediately, but after a few minutes (from one to ten). For this case, The next screen will indicate that the appliance is connected to the network:

If your screen shows a similar image, but with the added Lightning cable, This should indicate that the battery is not charging (in this circumstance, Check the power or try replacing the cable).

If you see that your phone is not charging, You must find out the cause of the problem. This topic has already been covered in more detail on our web portal.

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Signs of a charged iPhone

Then, We have the load solved. But, How to know when it's time to disconnect your phone?

  • Lock screen. One more time, phone lock screen will alert you that your iPhone has fully charged. Turn it on. If you see the message “Load: 100%”.You can disconnect your iPhone from the power outlet safely.
  • Battery indicator. Pay attention to the battery icon in the upper right corner of the screen: if it is totally full of green, Your phone is charged. At the same time, through smartphone settings, You can activate a feature that displays the battery level as a percentage.
    1. To do this, Open Settings. Go to “Battery”..
    2. Activate the parameter “Percentage of load”. The required information appears immediately in the upper right area. Close the configuration window.

These prompts will always let you know if your iPhone is charging or if it can be disconnected.

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