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The CSV format stores text data separated by commas or semicolons. VCARD is a business card file and has a VCF extension. Often used to transfer contacts between phone users. And the CSV file is obtained by exporting the information from the memory of a mobile device. To that end, CSV to VCARD conversion is urgent task.

Conversion methods

Then, let's see what programs are used to convert CSV to VCARD.

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Method 1: CSV a VCARD

CSV to VCARD is a single window interface application that was specifically created to convert CSV to VCARD.

Download CSV to VCARD for free from the official web portal

  1. Run the software, to add the CSV file, click on “Browse”.
  2. A window opens. “Conductor”.where you navigate to the desired folder, designate the file and click “open”..
  3. The object is imported into the program. Then, should set output folder, which by default is the same as the source file location. To specify a different directory, click on “Save as”..
  4. This opens the browser, where the desired folder is selected and clicked “Keep”.. If required, additionally you can edit the output file name.
  5. Match the fields of the searched object with the analog in the VCARD file by clicking the button “To choose”.. From the list that appears, select the appropriate item. If there is more than one field, select a different value for each of them. In this circumstance, we specify only one: “Full name”.to which the data of “No phone”.
  6. Set encoding in the field “VCF encoding”.. please select “Default” and click “Become”. to start the conversion.
  7. When the conversion procedure is complete, the respective message is displayed.
  8. Using the “Conductor”. You can view the converted files by navigating to the folder that was specified during installation.

Method 2: Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client that supports CSV and VCARD formats.

  1. Open Outlook and enter the menu. “Proceedings”.. Here we click on “Open and export”.and then in “Imports and exports”.
  2. This opens a window “Import and export assistant”in which we select the element “Import from another program or file” and click “Next”..
  3. In the countryside. “Choose the type of file to import” designate the desired post “Comma Separated Values” and press “Next”..
  4. Later we press the button “Revision”. to open the original CSV file.
  5. The result is the opening “Conductor”.in which we move to the desired directory, we highlight the object and press “AGREE”..
  6. The file is added to the import window, where the path to the file appears on a certain line. Here you still have to set the rules to handle duplicate contacts. There are only three options available when such a contact is detected. In the first it will be replaced, in the second a copy will be created and in the third it will be ignored. Let's leave the recommended value “Allow creation of duplicates”. and click “Next”..
  7. Choose a folder “Contacts:”. and Outlook, where the imported data should be saved, and then click “Next”..
  8. It is also possible to match fields by clicking on the button of the same name. This will help avoid data inconsistencies during import.. Confirm the import by checking the box “To import…” and then press “Done”..
  9. The source file is imported into the application. To see all your contacts, click the people icon at the bottom of the interface.
  10. Unfortunately, Outlook only allows you to save one contact at the same time in vCard format. Having said this, also you have to remember that, default, the preselected contact is saved. Then go to the menu “Proceedings”.where we click “Save as”..
  11. The browser starts, in which we move to the desired directory, if required, we write a new name for the business card and press “Keep”..
  12. This completes the conversion procedure. The converted file can be accessed using “Explorer”. Windows.

Therefore, it can be concluded that both programs considered fulfill the task of converting CSV to VCARD. At the same time, the procedure is most conveniently implemented in CSV to VCARD, whose interface is simple and intuitive despite the English language. Microsoft Outlook offers more extensive functionality for processing and importing CSV files, but at the same time, saving in VCARD format is done only for one contact.

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