Extensions to download music in Google Chrome

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Now Google Chrome is the most famous browser in the world, Consequently, a lot of extensions are released for him, affecting the general functionality of the program. There are special plugins whose main purpose is to add an option to download music from different sites. Some of these utilities only work with specific web resources, while others try to capture all possible hosts. Then, we want to talk to you in more detail about the most popular solutions to download music, so you can explore them and select the most suitable for you.


SaveFrom.net can now be considered one of the most common browser extensions overall. It enables you to download videos and music from various sites, like RuTube, YouTube, VKontakte y Odnoklassniki. User can select format before downloading, so even a single music track can be downloaded in MP3 format. All this enables you to use SaveFrom.net every day without any difficulty..

Despite this, it is important to highlight to explain that the plugin has already been removed from the official Chrome store, as reported even by the developers themselves. They have also reviewed the installation instructions, since novice users are often confused by the sequence. For the moment, the SaveFrom.net application is implemented in the script for the MeddleMonkey plugin and is installed together with it. You can read more details about it on the official MeddleMonkey page by clicking on the following link.

Download SaveFrom.net

Download helper

DownloadHelper is another universal extension that works with almost all popular music streaming sites. The principle of this tool is slightly different from what we have previously described, since it doesn't add a separate button to download, instead it captures the playing songs in its main menu. In other words, You must first start playing the track and then go to the DownloadHelper menu. There the respective record is selected and other parameters are configured, as the file format. Subsequently begins automatic download to standard download storage folder.

The DownloadHelper developers also suggest the use of a separate application for the computer., to which the records will be directed for download. It is not always convenient to use it, since the same operations are carried out directly in the browser without any problem. Despite this, if you plan to download all the time, you should take a look at the program to simplify the procedure of obtaining music a bit.

Download DownloadHelper


As the next complement, We suggest you take a look at MediaSave. Works on roughly the same principle as above. When activated on a certain site, MediaSave performs a search for audio recordings and then offers to download the materials found. Here you have all the information about the slopes, including size, format and bit rate. At the same time, there are settings that allow you to configure it for specific sites, In other words, somewhere you can disable the extension or put the menu in one of the parts of the browser window.

Opposite case, MediaSave has almost no functions, but it is important to note that the utility is compatible with most audio formats, so it correctly detects the content of almost any site. Read the full description of the application and download it from the official Chrome store by clicking on the following link.

Download MediaSave from the Google web store

Music downloader

Now we are going to talk about a fairly standard extension called Music Downloader. It works on the principle of determining the song that is currently playing in the tab. If the extension works in active mode, during playback you can open its menu by clicking on the icon in the top bar of the browser and immediately choose the track to download. Automatic download will start and the MP3 file will be placed in the standard download folder.

Note that Music Downloader interacts well with almost all popular services where music playback is enabled. Sometimes problems are observed with the social network VKontakte, but in most situations they are solved by reloading the page and starting the playback again. We can confidently recommend this app for users who want to get good quality songs on their local storage as quickly as possible..

Download Music Downloader from Google Webstore

Video and Music Downloader

Video & Music Downloader is another complement similar to the previous one, that detects not only the music that is being played, but also the videos. We won't dwell on it too much, since it works on exactly the same principle as the solutions discussed previously.

Regarding the Video & Music Downloader we just want to mention one detail: during testing the video extension could not be downloaded from YouTube, even when in other places everything works correctly. If you want to download only music, this inconvenience will not affect the interaction with the application at all.

Download Video & Music Downloader desde Google Webstore

Universal unloader

Rounding out our list of universal downloaders is an appropriately named Universal Downloader plugin. Its functionality allows you to establish not only content in the form of music, but also extends to photos and videos. Therefore, We can conclude that this application will be an effective tool for those users who daily need to download multiple materials from the Internet, including music tracks. There is nothing special about how Universal Downloader works: when the site opens, starts scanning and displays the items available for download in the menu.

Universal Downloader's action extends to popular web services like SoundCloud, Deezer, YouTube, VKontakte and many others. It should be noted that when you play streams or any podcast online, this tool will also start your capture, which you can stop at any time and get the final file with the video or music on your PC. Universal Downloader is a confirmed application and is distributed for free on the official Chrome store.

Download Universal Downloader from the Google web store


As part of today's post, we would like to say a few words about the narrow focus solutions that have been created to download music from certain resources. As an example, VkOpt only works with the social network VKontakte, and the ability to download any audio recording is just one of the many features added by installing this extension. If you use this social network on a daily basis and want to obtain as many additional alternatives that expand the capabilities of the service, we suggest you pay attention to this particular tool.

Downloading music here is pretty easy. After installation, you will see that a separate icon with a downward pointing arrow has been added to the song section. By clicking on it, download starts automatically. The only downside to VkOpt is the need for a manual installation via developer mode in the Google Chrome search engine., since the application is not enabled in the official store.

Download VkOpt.

VK music saving.

Even though the name of the VK Music Saver plugin says that it is designed to download music from VKontakte, developers also suggest downloading MP3 files from other sites, adding a respective button to the players that start this procedure. We can safely recommend VK Music Saver to those users who continue to use the aforementioned social network more frequently., since this plugin makes it possible to download absolutely any disc or immediately all the tracks added to the playlist without any problem.

Download VK Music Saver from Google web store


OkTools is the penultimate extension that we will talk about in our post today. It is aimed at users of the Odnoklassniki web resource and adds a tool to download music only on this site. From this we can conclude that this option will be suitable only for those users who actively use OK and want to download songs regularly from the available library. Note that the OkTools plugin has many more useful options that are implemented immediately after installation. To know them as much as you can in the review of our web portal, click the button below.

Download OkTools

OK Music

Let's mention another narrow focus app called OK Music. It also belongs to the Odnoklassniki service, but unlike the previous representative, doesn't add a lot of additional alternatives, rather it is intended only for downloading audio recordings. Accessing the respective menu near the button “Play”. you will notice a new icon. By pressing this icon, automatic download of the selected song to the computer starts. Opposite case, OK Music has no special functions.

Download OK Music from the Google web store

The compiled list of popular extensions for the Google Chrome browser makes it possible to download music from various sites. This list could continue with a dozen other different apps, but they all work on roughly the same principle and are less recognized than the mentioned solutions. Study the detailed reviews of each plugin to select the best one for you and get a chance to download tracks at any time.

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