How to connect Huawei to PC?

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How to connect Huawei to PC? Nowadays there are many modalities that you can use to connect your Huawei to your computer, with a USB cable or without cable. Among those we have:

Android File Transfer to MacOS

If you are going to perform this procedure from an Apple MacOS device, you will need the installation of Android file transfer, which is a program created for Android, to allow the Windows File Exporter. Then you don't need the drivers de Huawei, because this application has a variety of universal controllers.

Windows File Explorer

  • It is the easiest and fastest way to connect a Huawei phone to the PC, since it is about using the Windows File Explorer. For this case, you will need a Cable USB, to install the Huawei Controllers in Windows that you can add with the HiSuite Installation.
  • Once the device is connected to the computer, choose option “Transfer files”, A tab will open with the content of the memory card, unlock your mobile, then enter the password.

How to configure the HiSuite application?

  • The application can be downloaded from its official page on Windows, you will need at least Windows Vista and in MacOS it is not detailed correctly, this version for Mac it is less complete than Windows, motivated you have photo function only, videos, files and backup.
  • After installing the HiSuite application, you can connect your phone to computer via USB cable, but first verify that it is a quality cable and that the connection does not present failures, because otherwise will disconnect many times.
  • For the first time, the device will ask for permission for your computer to connect to it, click on “to accept”.
  • then the phone will will display the numeric code that you must re-enter HiSuite, subsequently confirm connection, the code will help you to check if the device is locked.

Airdroid para Windows, MacOS and Linux

Good, AirDroid is the answer for Windows, Linux and MacOS, because with this you can connect any mobile device to your computer remotely, without needing to use intermediary programs, since all you need is the app AirDroid.

Huawei Share for Windows and macOS.

It is an application of Huawei and Honor that the company has launched with EMUI8.i and that enables users create a local server on your home Wi-Fi network to exchange files remotely and you can use it without USB cable. It is very easy to use.

How to Transfer Videos and Photos from Huawei to PC?

If you want to import Huawei videos and photos to your computer with a UBS cable, connect Huawei to device via USB cable, later press USB or MTP option, to view the images on your PC registered in the Huawei. Anyway, it is easy and simple to pass your photos and videos.

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