How to remove a user from Windows 10

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This step-by-step tutorial details how to delete a user in Windows 10 in different situations: about how to delete a simple account, or one that does not appear in the list of users in the configuration; how to delete if you see a message that says “Unable to delete user”; and what to do if you see two identical Windows users 10 when logging in and you need to delete an additional one. How to delete a Microsoft account in Windows 10.

In general, the account from which the user is removed must have administrator rights on the computer (especially if an existing administrator account is deleted). If today you have simple user rights, first log in as an existing user with admin rights and grant the desired user (who do you plan to work with in the future) administrator rights, how to do this in different ways is written in the guide “How to create a Windows 10 user”.

Simple user deletion in Windows settings 10

If you need to delete a user “simple”, In other words, a user created personally by you or pre-existing on the system when you purchased your Windows computer or laptop 10 and that you no longer need, you can do it through the system settings.

  1. Go to Settings (teclas Win + I the beginning – gear icon) – Accounts – Family and other people.
  2. In “Others”, click on the user you want to delete and press the respective button: “Delete”. If the desired user is not in the list, explain why it may be, later in the instructions.
  3. You will see a warning that, along with the account, this user's files stored on your desktop will be deleted, documents and other folders. If that user does not have important data, click on “Delete account and data”.

If you are successful, the user you don't need will be removed from your computer.

Deletion in user account management

The second way is to use the user account management window, that can be opened like this: presione Win + R on your keyboard and type user2 password control and then press Enter.

In the window that appears, select the user you want to delete and click “Delete”.

If you receive an error message that the user cannot be deleted, this generally indicates an attempt to delete an account from the embedded system, about which see the respective section of this post.

How to delete a user via the command line

The next option is to use the command line, which you must run as administrator (in Windows 10 you can do it through the menu on the right button of the Start button) and later use the commands (hitting Enter after each):

  1. network users (provides a list of usernames, active and not. Type this to make sure you correctly remember the username you want to delete). Warning: Don't delete built-in Administrator accounts, Invited, Default Account and Default User like this.
  2. network user Username / delete (The command will remove the user with the specified name. If the name has problems, use quotes like in screenshot).

If the command was executed successfully, the user will be removed from the system.

How to delete administrator accounts, guest or other built-in accounts

If you need to delete any superfluous Administrator type user, Guest or any other, it is not feasible to do it in the way previously described. This is because they are built-in system accounts (see, as an example: Administrator account built into Windows 10) and they cannot be erased, but they can be disabled.

To do this, follow two easy steps:

  1. Run the command line as administrator (teclas Win + X, then select the desired menu item) and type the following command
  2. network username username / active: no

Once the command is run, the specified user will be disabled and disappear from the Windows login window 10 and from the list of accounts.

Two identical Windows users 10

One of the common Windows crashes 10 what makes me look for a way to delete users is the display of two accounts with the same name when logging in.

This usually happens after any manipulation of the profile, how are you: How to rename a User Box, as long as you have previously deactivated the password to access Windows 10.

Most of the time, the answer that works to delete a duplicate user looks like this:

  1. Presione Win + R and write user2 password control
  2. Select a user and enable password prompt for that user, apply settings.
  3. Restart your computer.

Then, you can delete the password request again, but a second user with the same name should not appear again.

I tried to pay attention to all the possible options and contexts of the need to delete Windows accounts 10, but if suddenly there is no solution for your problem here, describe it in the comments, maybe i can help.

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