Oracle Sales Cloud Features and Benefits

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Oracle Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management solution that offers capabilities and features that enable companies to grow significantly by accelerating sales and improving customer engagement., among other things. It is a tool capable of helping the commercial area to commercialize more because now it gives them useful and valuable ideas.

Oracle Sales Cloud it is also the perfect answer to build and grow the pipeline, since it allows you to use all the channels to be aware of what is happening with each client, offering you an exceptional experience in every possibility. Everyone in the company can participate in the task of making sales, from salesperson visiting customers to operations staff and team leaders.

Oracle Sales Cloud works as a bridge between all the people and departments that make up the company and helps them solve the challenges posed by their customers' data, enabling them to constantly improve and deliver positive sales experiences, marketing and service..

Key Features of Oracle Sales Cloud

Sales force automation

  • Capture customers and compete. Oracle Sales Cloud enables you to maximize sales through a comprehensive and integrated set of sales tools ranging from leads to signing contracts..
  • Close and win offers. Con Oracle Sales Cloud, sales teams can work with mobile apps, get a full view of 360 And collaborate with other sales teams.
  • Expand and predict sales. Cross-sell and up-sell are facilitated through analysis and product recommendations.

Unified sales and services

  • Monitoring and administration. Oracle Sales Cloud enables sales and service teams to capture, manage and share issues through Oracle Engagement Cloud.
  • Provide answers. With this solution, the commercial and services team has the ability to access content with knowledge related to the requested service.
  • Service request analysis. With Oracle Sales Cloud it is possible to obtain real-time information on service performance using both predefined reports and custom reports..

Sales performance management

  • Planning and optimization. With a solution like this it is feasible to align the territories, quotas and incentive plans for business strategy.
  • Motivate and reward. Oracle Sales Cloud makes gaming easy, performance tactics and rewards to promote specific behaviors.
  • Training. Identifying successful sales techniques and offering contextualized training is doable when you use these types of solutions..

Customer data management

  • Consolidate and clean. With Oracle Sales Cloud we can create a clean and correct master profile from multiple sources that everyone can trust.
  • Complete and enrich. Create a better record by enriching the customer profile with data from a range of sources.
  • Coordinate and share. For fast decision making, this solution enables you to share complete and accurate data with other systems.

Oracle Sales Cloud Benefits Summary

Oracle Sales Cloud is a CRM tool that enables institutions to qualify more potential customers, be more collaborative and productive and close more sales. easily and smoothly. It is a solution designed to give sellers a significant advantage, allowing them to do what they do best: market more.

Managers appreciate high-value, up-to-date information, and Oracle Sales Cloud gives them the data they need so they can make smart business decisions at critical stages.

Con Oracle Sales Cloud, Commercial personnel are equipped with tools and capabilities that enable them to be efficient and productive.. They can easily change their systems and modify their schedules by consulting their calendars. They can access critical customer information before an important meeting, helping them market better and close more deals effectively. All important data, including contacts, company information, leads and tasks, are on a platform.

Oracle Sales Cloud provides accurate and up-to-date information, that makes it possible to make forecasts based on real data and not work with hunches or conjectures. Forecasts based on reality facilitate improved sales performance.

In conclusion, factors impacting forecasts change rapidly and without warning. Con Oracle Sales Cloud, managers immediately see the impact of these changes on their forecasts and can respond quickly.

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