What is SOA Service Oriented Architecture?

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Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is the link that links the business objectives with the software system.. Its function is to grant flexibility, from the automation of infrastructure and essential tools, Achieving, at the same time, reduce integration costs. SOA sIt is responsible for the design and development of distributed systems and is a powerful ally when managing large volumes of data., cloud data and data hierarchies.


Without emDespite this, despite being current, the Service Oriented Architecture Not a new concept, since it comes from the years 90. Today he presents his best face, highly efficient, more open and interoperable. SOA supports institutions:

  • Helping them make the most of processes so they can do business more efficiently.
  • Facilitating their adaptation to change.
  • Enabling the opportunity to implement new strategies, in line with the dynamism of the market.

Service-oriented architecture and its benefits for the business

SOA is an architectural style for creating software applications based on available services.. Among its main features stand out:

  • Your flexibility, that makes it possible to reuse it.

  • Its versatility, that makes it feasible for services to be consumed by customers in different applications or business processes.

  • Your possibilities, that optimize the work with data and its coordination.

SOA enables the reuse of existing assets for new services that can be built from an already designed IT infrastructure. Thus, enables companies to make the most of investment through reuse, which also has another advantage: interoperability between heterogeneous applications and technologies.

The Service Oriented Architecture It is a source of competitive advantage given that by its configuration:

  • Increase process efficiency.

  • Amortizes the investment made in systems.

  • Reduces maintenance costs.

  • Encourages innovation oriented to the development of services.

  • Simplify design by optimizing organizational capacity.

SOA Controllers

The Service Oriented Architecture it is the change itself and this is exactly the engine that drives companies to seek to profit from your attributes persecution:

  • Integration with legacy systems.

  • Reordering of responsibilities through business reorganizations.

  • Modernization of obsolete systems for economic reasons, functional or technical.

  • Acquisition or confiscation of software products.

Even though it also happens, in several cases, that what is sought is the adaptation to the changes of the market environment, or it is decided implement SOA as a reaction to the actions of the competition, or as a measure to make the most of your IT investment and minimize associated costs.

The transition to service-oriented architecture

To carry out the procedure of transition to SOA no problems, administrators and developers should pay attention that:

  • SOA This is not something new, so it is necessary and feasible to obtain sufficient knowledge about the service-oriented architecture and web services before implementing the plan.

  • The Service Oriented Architecture it's much more than an implementation software. An analysis of design and development techniques is needed to move forward with guarantees of success, discarding inefficiencies.

  • It is so-so procedure It must be addressed gradually and taking into account that implies a change in the way of working.

Institutions that already work with SOA but are looking to make the most of their results with Data Services, must observe the following rules:

  • Be demanding with the granularity of the selected service, avoiding extremes and pursuing consistency.

  • Understand services as something limited and not as a complete application.

  • Apply maximum simplicity when designing, after all, it is about representing commercial actions.

  • Ensure high availability and scalability of services.

This optimization is the most suitable way for sovercome the limitations of an SOA project, through the visualization of data that helps avoid:

  • Unavailability of dependent service: that occurs when this service is not yet deployed and results in downtime or the construction of redundant components.

  • Lack of availability of resources: Can happen when resources need to be shared between different development teams.

  • Time constraints: the variable unfailingly associated with any project and that marks one of the most important limitations.

  • Changing dependent service behavior: that not only invalidates current workflows, but also affects data consistency.

SOA architectural approaches

Even though the traditional approach to addressing distributed system design was based on network communications, safety, transactional management, the glossary and location, with service-oriented architecture is different, concerns focus on two aspects:

When examining built architecture, you must pay attention:

Despite this, none of these issues is as critical as governance, an aspect that should be considered long before the design itself, before implementation. Being an architecture strategy, SOA involves much more than creating software.

The creating an architecture based on a portfolio of services You need a single, centralized development methodology, good documentation of services and qualified personnel. In addition, sufficient motivation is needed from the organization and decision makers to unleash interaction with the company's main business processes.. Understanding processes and disposition are the keys to transformation of an SOA-based business and derive from attributes of their governance that cannot be dispensed with in order to succeed in such a project.

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